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Well, I certainly didn’t see this happening. When I started a Red Sox fan blog, becoming involved with the Miss America Organization wasn’t on my radar. But, it has become a very welcomed turn of events. It started with the realization that many of these public figures were also Red Sox fans. Or, they might represent regions within Red Sox Nation. Either way, I thought it would be a fun opportunity to add some variety to the blog. 

Thankfully, it has worked out better than I could have ever imagined. They have all been incredible women, and have allowed the blog to shed some light onto some great causes. I really hope they agree that the “visits” have been mutually beneficial. At the moment, I’ve conducted more than 70 interviews with MAO titleholders, spread into thirteen different states. 

It’s gotten to the point where they really deserve their own page to highlight the interactions. So, below you will find links to all the visits from MAO titleholders. Hopefully I’ll continue to add more and more as we go along. So keep checking back!

It went even further though! They have become such a big part of Section 36, they deserved even more. So, while all the interviews are still located right here, there will be even more wonderful stuff about them at a new location: Section 36 Pageants! There they will all be in a space more fitting, and more dedicated to celebrating these amazing women. Check it out.


Miss New Haven County '18

Miss Tolland County '19

Miss Greater Rockville '19

Miss Connecticut 2018

Miss Southington 2018

Miss Shoreline 2019

Miss Bristol 2017


Miss Delaware 2016


Miss Augusta 2019


Miss Maine 2017

Miss Plymouth County 2017

Olivia Clark
Miss Bay State 2018

Miss Boston 2018

Alexis Ferreria
Miss Bristol County '19

Miss Boston's Outstanding Teen 2017
Miss Massachusetts's Outstanding Teen 2017

Miss Brookline 2017

Miss Cranberry Country 2017

June Klemmer
Miss Bay State 2017

Miss Massachusetts 2014

Miss South Coast 2017

Alyssa Maitoza
Miss Bristol County 2018

Miss Collegiate Area 2017

Debbie McNally
Miss Shoreline 2019

Miss Cambridge 2016
Miss Massachusetts 2016 

Miss Cranberry Country 2018

Meghan Rubadou
Miss Central Massachusetts 2017

Miss Boston's Outstanding Teen 2018

Chrissy Sardano
Miss Freedom Trail 2018

Megan Sylvia
Miss South Coast 2018

Gabriella Taveras
Miss Massachusetts 2018

Miss Cambridge 2017

Miss Bay State 2016

Jillian Zucco
Miss Massachusetts 2017


Miss Monroe County 2017


Miss Lake Tahoe 2018

New Hampshire

Miss Seacoast 2019

Miss Exeter 2019

Alainna Belanger
Miss Exeter 2018

Miss New Hampshire USA 2019

Miss Auburn '19

Miss Gate City 2018

Jana El-Sayed
Miss Goffstown 2018

Miss Kingston 2018

Miss Lake Sunapee Region 2018

Miss Greater Plaistow 2019

Kara Jutras
Miss Portsmouth Area 2019
Miss Merrimack 2017

Miss Londonderry 2018

Miss Winnipesaukee 2018

Miss Merrimack 2019

Miss Exeter 2017
Miss Seacoast 2018

Ashley Marsh
Miss Granite State 2018

Delaney Mastin
Miss Portsmouth Area 2018

Brooke Mills
Miss Winnipesaukee 2019

Kaley Missert
Miss Liberty 2018

Marisa Moorhouse
Miss Manchester 2018

Reagan Murphy
Miss Berlin-Gorham 2017
Miss Littleton Area 2018

Caroline Newell
Miss Liberty's Outstanding Teen 2017

Grace Orfao
Miss Auburn 2018

Josie Pearce
Miss Berlin-Gorham 2018

Miss New Hampshire 2013

Kaitlin Soucy
Miss Capital Area 2018

Megan Soucy
Miss Gate City '19

Emily Spencer
Miss Bedford 2019

Hannah Trepanier
Miss Rockingham County 2018

Sarah Tubbs
Miss Greater Derry 2018

Kayla Warren
Miss Greater Nashua 2018

Brittney Wigdorski
Miss Greater Hooksett 2019

New York

Miss Upstate New York 2018

Miss Finger Lakes 2018

Miss Bluebird 2018

Elite Miss Northeast '19


Miss Red Rose City 2018

Miss Laurel Summit 2019

Miss Laurel Highlands 2018

Rhode Island

Miss Rhode Island 2019

Miss Rhode Island 2018

Allie Curtis
Miss Rhode Island Earth 2019

Miss Rhode Island 2017

Nicole Pallozzi
Miss Rhode Island USA 2019

Miss Vermont 2017

Miss Vermont 2018

Miss Vermont 2016

Jillian Fisher
Miss Vermont 2019

Miss Vermont 2015


Miss Washington 2014

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