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Monica Fenwick Visits Section 36!

Section 36 has a new visitor! Monica Fenwick is a talented flutist, the current Miss Tolland County, and a newly minted Red Sox fan.
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Steve Smith Photography
I was  excited that she was willing to visit with us to discuss those topics, and a few more. I hope you enjoy what she had to say!

So, lets see what happens when Monica Fenwick visits Section 36!

How did you celebrate winning the Miss Tolland County crown?
After a falling short at two local pageants prior to Miss Greater Rockville/Tolland County, hearing my name called as Miss Tolland County brought so much joy and excitement. Not giving up and keeping perseverance had paid off and I am now one step closer to my dream job of serving my state as Miss Connecticut. In the past it has been tradition to eat at my favorite restaurant after a pageant, but now being in college, it was a car ride back to Assumption College where I study Speech Pathology.  A short week later I met with my new Business Manager and Executive Director to discuss my goals for the year and plan how I can take action in my community. Winning the title of Miss Tolland County has been a such a blessing and honor and I can't wait to see what my year has in store for me!

What did you learn about yourself at the Miss Tolland County competition that will help you at Miss Connecticut?
This is only my second year competing in pageants and in the Miss America Organization, so there is a lot of learning and personal growth I go through during the local season. Each and every local I have competed in has taught me something new about myself and has given me a new found confidence in myself. Walking into interview for Miss Tolland County I decided to let go of everything I had practiced, and let my personality be showcased. I wanted to be my authentic self and show the judges who I really was. This was a very important lesson for me to learn in pageantry, and is something that I will carry with me to the Miss Connecticut Pageant in June and in life in general.

What part of the upcoming Miss Connecticut competition are you most nervous about?
Being a cheerleader and performing my entire life, I have found
ways to manage my nerves and to direct them into positive energy.
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Steve Smith Photography
My prep team has been has been a huge help with making sure I'm prepared for the competition and keeping my nerves down. I always go onto the stage with the expectation of improving from the last time I competed, so if I had to pick one thing I'm nervous about, it is performing to my best ability and expectations. Regardless of the outcome, if I make myself proud I know it was a successful day.

How did you select your social impact statement?
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Steve Smith Photography
My social impact, "Autism Minds: Changing the Way We Think", is aimed toward promoting Autism acceptance and awareness. One of my dear family friends has a son on the Autism Spectrum and had told me stories of all of the challenges they face in today's society, specifically school systems. Not only did they inspire me to raise awareness and acceptance for the Autism community, I was inspired to help children on the spectrum through my career choice of speech pathology. I'm currently a member of the group "Sun, Moon, and Stars" in Watertown CT, which is a community based group that promotes equal opportunities for children on the spectrum and support for their families. Through every new experience working with children and families on the spectrum, I am inspired more and more to continue, and to keep fighting for the equal opportunities that they deserve.

As a talented flutist, what’s your favorite part about performing on stage?
As a flutist, I'm continuously coming up with new ideas to surprise
Photo by
Steve Smith Photography
the crowd with for my talent. Being the only flute player is the Miss Connecticut 2019 Competition, I'm so excited to show my individuality through the new piece I learned. My favorite part of performing on stage would have to be capturing the audiences attention and keeping it throughout the entire performance. Without giving too many details away, I want to say that my talent this year is definitely going to be geared towards all ages in the audience. This classic is sure to get everyone on their feet!

What is your personal fitness routine?
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Steve Smith Photography
Balancing challenging college courses and a healthy lifestyle, I find time to head to the gym approximately 4 times a week. It is important to me to be in good physical health as a titleholder to ensure I can be the best version of myself during long days of appearances and serving the community. My favorite exercise is to go on a mile run, as they say cardio is the best exercise for your heart! I focus on eating a healthy diet at school, but it's always important to treat yourself once in a while! If you know me, you know Tacobell is my favorite fast food place, and usually my go-to meal to get on a cheat day.

What were you doing when the Red Sox won the 2018 World Series?
I've never been a huge baseball fan, but now attending college in Massachusetts, I have started to become a big Red Sox fan! During the World Series, my school had a viewing party, and we all celebrated the win with classes given off to attend the parade in Boston.

Is there a feature/aspect of a Red Sox game at Fenway you would most like to experience?
Coming up in April, I will be attending my second Red Sox game, but this time with my school community. I'm looking forward to taking the trip to Boston, experiencing the city culture, and enjoying the snacks at Fenway park. I also can't wait to sing along to "Sweet Caroline" with the entire stadium.


I hope she has a great time at the game!

As always, I want to give many thanks to Monica for doing this interview. I also really appreciate her providing so many wonderful pictures. Steve Smith did an amazing job with so many of them. I also certainly want to wish her the best of luck as she competes for the Miss Connecticut crown this summer. It would be so much fun to have another former visitor wear that crown.

As Monica continues her time as Miss Tolland County, I encourage you to follow her on her official Miss Tolland County Facebook. It’ll definitely be worth your time! 

Thanks again Monica, and good luck!

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