If you've been reading this blog for a while, you've seen a lot of Serena. She has been a huge friend of this blog for years. Whether that's sending in pictures or supporting the blog in other ways, Section 36 has always been flattered by her engagement. The best part is that she's managed to find ways to collaborate no matter what she's been up to. What do I mean? Check out the different ways she's been involved...

Traveling Baseball Babes
This was the first place I encountered Serena. One baseball blog to another. In this case Serena is one half of the Baseball Babes (with Lisa) who document their travels to see baseball games together. They do a great job of documenting each game and their experience there. They have managed to visit all 30 MLB ballparks together, and I love reading about their love of team mascots and food! I'm sure you will too.

This one is just Serena. In addition to being a baseball fan and (obviously) a Star Wars fan, Serena is a certified yoga instructor. She started this website as a way to talk about yoga, fitness, and nutrition. You can even sign up for virtual classes with her. It's a great opportunity to get complete control over your mind and body...with a Jedi flair.

In Serena's most recent venture, she teams up (with Jess) to bring yoga to you! Through their YouTube channel, they hope to maximize your health and wellness by offering videos you can follow to learn about fitness, nutrition, and yoga at your on pace in your own space. These videos couldn't make it easier to get in better shape. See for yourself by watching their introduction below.

I certainly hope you'll check out everything Serena has to offer, and provide her with the same support she has given Section 36 over the years.

She's definitely the best traveling baseball yogi jedi trainer babe who'd rather be in Section 36!

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