I definitely didn’t see this happening. When I started a Red Sox fan blog, branching out into music wasn't exactly in the plans. But, it has become a very welcomed turn of events. It started with the realization that music was a big part of the Fenway experience. It continued with the interviews of Miss America Org titleholders. There were so many talented musicians within that group. With all that, I felt the best way to share those thoughts was on its own blog. 

And that has absolutely taken off. No longer simply focusing on park experiences and titleholders, it has become a place to celebrate any number of female musicians from within Red Sox nation. Whether it's women who have performed at Fenway, or are Red Sox fans, or are New England based. They have all found a home in Section 36. Including a number of students and alumna of Berklee College of Music. Located just down the street from Fenway, it seems like a natural fit for Section 36 to focus on. 

And it's been a lot of fun.

So be sure to visit Section 36 Music frequently. It'll have artist interviews, release reviews/announcements, guest blogs, and much more! There are even some Spotify Playlists to help celebrate these amazing women even further. You can also get dedicated merch!

And so much more to come! Please visit often so you don't miss out.

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