Friday, August 31, 2018

Gabriela Taveras Visits Section 36!

Section 36 has another visitor! Gabriela Taveras is a former wrestler, a Red Sox fan, and the current Miss Massachusetts. Even
thought she’s busy trying to get ready to compete for Miss America, she was willing to take the time to visit with us and answer questions on those topics, and a few more. You’re going to love what she had to say!

So, let’s see what happens when Gabriela Taveras visits Section 36!

How did you celebrate winning the Miss Massachusetts crown?
As boring as it sounds, I celebrated by finally sleeping! Between working my full-time job as a professional recruiter and preparing for the competition (which is a full-time job on its own) I had to sacrifice sleep most days to make sure that everything was done the right way. It was of course a small sacrifice to make considering the outcome! 

What did you learn about yourself at the Miss Massachusetts competition that will help you at Miss America?
I learned that I am more of myself than I ever have been in my life. I read often and a common theme I seem to find in the books I am drawn to is this theory that when you are in the right place and on the right path to your "personal legend", you have a sense of peace within yourself. Every time I stepped on the stage, I had a wave of peace that would overcome me. I didn't feel this because I thought I was going to win, but because I knew that I was truly being myself and I didn't care what anyone else thought of me. It may have taken me 23 years to get to this point, but I'm so glad that I finally made it!

What aspect of the Miss America competition are you most excited about?
So many things! I am excited to be a part of the first class to experience Miss America 2.0 because nobody knows who she will be. This leaves plenty of room for your imagination to wander and to revel in the unknown! I'm also excited to get to know the other women competing more because all we do is post embarrassing pictures of ourselves in the group so I think that's a good indicator that we are going to have a lot of fun and make the most of everything we do! 

How did you select your platform, “Face Everything and Rise - F.E.A.R.”?
As cliche as it sounds, it stems from my life. I have overcome losing a friend to gang and gun violence, sexual assault, growing up in poverty, coming from a single parent household, and being the child of an incarcerated parent to name a few things.  Typically you may see some of these things happen to one person, but I experienced them throughout my life! Many people tend to ask "How did you overcome all of that?" and the answer isn't simple. First, God. Second, I had an undying drive to fight for my life because I knew I had to actually fight for it. Lastly, I always knew that there was a light at the end of the tunnel - I just had to stay focused on it. I found the people and help that I needed, I was honest with myself (even when it wasn’t easy), and I didn’t give up even when others told me to because there were many people who did. I hope to change the definition of the word fear from something that scares us to something that empowers us. Now I boldly walk in the direction of things that scare me most because I know that I will be stronger and better after it all. 

What is your favorite part about singing on stage?
My mom was a professional singer and I had the opportunity to watch her as she embarked on her music career as a child. She eventually gave it up because of life circumstances plus she had children; therefore, whenever I have the chance to sing I always feel like I’m doing it for the both of us. It’s the greatest and most indescribable feeling in the world!

I’m pretty sure you’re the first interviewee I’ve had with a background in high school wrestling? What was that experience like?
I definitely am a rare breed of human, but I loved being on the
wrestling team! My uncle was a quarterback when he was in high school and I remember asking to be a member of the football team, but I was told that I couldn't because I would get "hurt" (thankfully now there are so many amazing young women on football teams now). Naturally, I didn’t give up and looked for other opportunities and that’s when I found wrestling! It was something that was untraditional, but it forced me to work smarter not necessarily harder. The number one thing I learned from wrestling was that it doesn’t matter your size - what matters is your ability to be 3 steps ahead of your competitor. I think this is a great sport for young women to join because it teaches them that regardless of their size, they can do anything and take any guy down - the largest one I took down was 180lbs! 

Who is your favorite current Red Sox player?
Mookie for sure, but lets be real - the GOAT of the Red Sox is hands down David Ortiz! 

Which feature/aspect of Fenway Park would you most like to experience?
I'm not sure it's a feature/aspect, but I would love to be sing the national anthem at Fenway Park and maybe even throw the first pitch!   

How will the Sox finish the 2018 season?

Obviously, I think she’s absolutely right!

As usual, I want to give huge thanks to Gabriela for doing this interview, especially so close to competing for Miss America.

As Gabriela continues her time as Miss Massachusetts, I encourage you to follow her on the official Miss Massachusetts social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. 

I also absolutely want to wish Gabriela luck as she competes for the Miss America crown in just over a week! Once again there will be several Section 36 visitors gracing the stage in Atlantic City. It would be incredible to have her take home the title! 

Thanks again Gabriela, and good luck!

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

36 Pack Wax Match: Pack 30

The Stage has been set. The Match is underway. Who will come out on top? There’s only one way to find out.

Keep going, and open that thirtieth pack!

As we dive into this pack, each set is hoping to grab the series lead after 1988 tied things up with a victory in pack 28 and they tied pack 29. Who will do it with this pack? Let's see!

Yankees -2
 Ouch. That's not helping things. This painfully boring card of Dan Pasqua starts the pack off in a deep hole.

Red Sox +2, Hall of Fame +1
 That's more like it! This dual scoring card is the perfect thing to climb into positive numbers. I'm hoping Rice made contact on the swing. Otherwise he's looking in the completely wrong direction.

Hall of Fame +1
A great early card of the legendary Greg Maddux. One of the nicer action shots too.

Red Sox +2
Oh, in 1988 this card would have been the pull of the pack. This young outfield was going to be carrying the Sox to multiple championships. (In the end, only one of them ended up with a ring in Boston.) Not to mention, it's kind of a rookie card for Burks and Benzinger. Too back it's not worth six points.

That's where the scoring ends with this powerhouse pack! Four points will be tough for 1990 to beat!

Red Sox +2
 But, it's starting off on the right foot! I'm not sure I ever figured out which Decade Roger was supposed to be the player of. If it was the "80's" wouldn't he be "Players of the last Decade"?

Red Sox +2
 Dennis Lamp is staring you down as if to ask, "Where are my two points?" No worries. I counted them.

Hall of Fame +1
The second Cubs Hall of Famer in this battle gets 1990 another point.

And that's where the scoring ends. Can you believe it? 1990 pulled it out! Five points was enough to rip the round out of the hands of 1988. Crazy!

Box Bottom: 1988 +1 (1-0)
Pack 1:  1990 +6 (1-1)
Pack 2:  1990 +4 (2-1)
Pack 3:  1988 +3 (2-2)
Pack 4:  1990 +1 (3-2)
Pack 5:  1990 +1 (4-2)
Pack 6:  1988 +2 (3-4)
Pack 7:  1988 +3 (4-4)
Pack 8:  TIE   +0 (4-4)
Pack 9:  1990 +2 (5-4)
Pack 10: 1990 +4 (6-4)
Pack 11: 1990 +4 (7-4)
Pack 12: 1990 +1 (8-4)
Pack 13: 1990 +5 (9-4)
Pack 14: 1988 +3 (5-9)
Pack 15: 1988 +2 (6-9)
Pack 16: 1988 +3 (7-9)
Pack 17: 1990 +3 (10-7)
Pack 18: 1988 +2 (8-10)
Pack 19: 1988 +3 (9-10)
Pack 20: 1990 +2 (11-9)
Pack 21: TIE   +0 (11-9)
Pack 22: 1990 +2 (12-9)
Pack 23: 1988 +2 (10-12)
Pack 24: TIE   +0 (10-12)
Pack 25: 1988 +3 (11-12)
Pack 26: TIE   +0 (11-12)
Pack 27: TIE   +0 (11-12)
Pack 28: 1988 +1 (12-12)
Pack 29: TIE   +0 (12-12)
Pack 30: 1990 +1 (13-12)

What will happen next time?

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

A Much Needed Rest

It's time to get back at it.

The Sox are in a bit of a slump. Of course, it just shows how good they are that getting swept for the first time all year is what classifies as a slump. Add that to losing 2-4 to Cleveland, and the Sox are in their worst stretch of the season. 

Yeah, that's how good they are.

Before we leave the Tampa series, I have one question about the disaster that is "players weekend". I thought the whole idea of the thing has been stupid from the start. But, I have a specific question about the Rays uniforms. 

MLB pitchers aren't allowed to wear multi-colored gloves. They also can't wear solid gray or solid white gloves. Why? Because they would be distracting to the hitter. 

So, why were Rays pitchers allowed to wear those glowing yellow hats and glowing yellow sleeves on their uniforms this weekend? 

It's just another example of how MLB has destroyed the regular season. First they keep adding wild cards so you don't need to do well during the season to win the World Series. Then they make exhibitions in the middle of the season like Players Weekend, or games in Europe. Why don't we just skip the charade and start with a playoff tournament in August?

But, that's all behind us. (Although, the losses still count in whatever MLB calls the regular season these days.)

The Red Sox hopefully get to lick their wounds against the Marlins for the next couple days. With any luck, the Yankees will keep stumbling and the lead can squeak back up again.

Not that I'm worried about a 6.5 game lead on August 28. But, as long as the lead is close to the number of games the Sox play the Yanks, we'll have to keep hearing about it. "If the Yanks sweep the Sox in September, this will be a race again" sort of garbage. Yes, if the Sox lose all their games, and the Yankees win all their games, the Yankees will win the division. Of course, it's just as likely the Sox win all their games and the Yankees lose all theirs. In that case, the Sox win the division in about two weeks. 

The magic number sits at 25. With 30 games remaining. It's getting close.

It should be here soon.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Erin Bradley Visits Section 36!

Section 36 has another visitor! As I’m sure you’re aware, with Section 36 occupying a spot in the centerfield bleachers in Fenway,
we have a special affinity for Red Sox centerfielders. I think it’s safe to say that Erin Bradley shares those thoughts...after all she married one. She’s also a frequent traveler, philanthropist, and a devoted mother. I’m flattered she was willing to take some time out of her schedule to visit with us and discuss those topics, along with a few more. I know you’ll enjoy reading everything she had to say!

So, let’s see what happens when Erin Bradley visits Section 36!

Growing up in Virginia, were you much of a baseball fan? How else did you spend your time? 
I grew up just loving sports in general. I played softball from t-ball to my senior year of high school and played volleyball and swam. I was also really involved in musical theater and choir at school and church.

You studied kinesiology at Liberty University. What got you interested in that field? 
I grew up pretty active and always had a desire to be involved in something to do with sports/movement. I have a BS in kinesiology with a focus in health and physical education. So I also have my certification in teaching which I think it's so important to teach young ones the importance of staying healthy and active. 

Jackie made his Major League debut on Opening Day at Yankee Stadium, not exactly a low pressure situation. What were your emotions like as you watched him experience that? 
It was surreal. To be honest I don't even really remember much because I was so nervous for him. I remember just feeling so proud of him and having the utmost respect for him and his hard work for getting him there. 

You have a pretty frequent social media presence. How do you deal with the negative side of Red Sox fan social media? 
I feel like I handle it pretty well but I owe that all to Jackie. I used
to care about the opinions of others all the time. Good, bad, and indifferent. He doesn't care about the negativity and has really taught me to just let it go and ignore the negativity. At the end of the day everyone has opinions on everything. I'm not always going to agree with everyone and that's ok. I don't always handle things the right way but I strive to do my best and focus on positive things. 

You’ve been able to do a lot of traveling, both due to the Red Sox or on your own. What is your favorite place to visit? Why? 
Baseball wise I always enjoy going to Baltimore(close to family,
good food, good ballpark, nice hotel) as well as Seattle(just such a great city). Non baseball I really enjoy traveling to places in the Caribbean. We've been to a few places in the offseasons that are just so beautiful and relaxing(Antigua, Grenada to name a few)

Other than Section 36, what is your favorite feature or experience at Fenway Park? 
I would say the fan experience is a pretty fun one. Not many ballparks have such an intense atmosphere so it's pretty cool to see every night.

You have been involved in a lot of charity work through the Red Sox, whether it’s with the Red Sox Scholars or the many activities the Red Sox Wives are involved in. What drives you to be involved is so many ways? 
This will probably sound cliche but it's just the right thing to do. Whether you have a lot or a little to give we should always strive to do our part to help those in need. You never know what someone is going through or what they've been through so it's always important to love on those around you. You never know what your kindness could mean to someone or how it could change their day.

How often do you get to watch the Red Sox in person? Did that change much after your daughter Emerson was born? 
So during the homestands Emerson and I go to pretty much every
game. We are super thankful for accommodations provided by the Red Sox that allow us to come and watch the games. We don't go on too many road trips but if we do we definitely go to the games.  I use to travel all the time before I had Em but now I don't travel as much and during the games I'm busy trying to keep her occupied that I miss like half of what's going on so those are probably the differences from then to now but all that matters is that we are there supporting our man!

Does being able to watch Jackie on TV help you and Emerson endure his long road trips? 
I wouldn't say that it helps us but we definitely enjoy it! She loves getting to watch "daddy baseball". 


I’m sure we all enjoy watching lots of "daddy baseball"!

I can’t thank Erin enough for doing this interview, especially with the craziness of daily life. It was a unique pleasure to get this small glimpse into her world. I also want to thank her for allowing me to use the fantastic pictures to accompany the interview. They really add that something special to the post.

I certainly recommend you check out the Red Sox community page to see all the amazing charity work and other activities Erin has been involved with. You should also go give her a follow on Instagram and Twitter. You won’t regret it.

Thanks again Erin!

Thursday, August 23, 2018

I’m With the Nerds

When I discussed the MVP race in the American League recently, and the qualifications for both Mookie Betts and JD Martinez, I left out one section of the argument.

The “Nerd Stats”.

The EEIdiots were lamenting the fact that JD Martinez should easily win the MVP, but that he may not even finish in the top three after the nerds get done looking at their computers. They thought it was a damn shame that fewer people make their votes based on the way a player plays, and instead rely on what the nerd numbers say.

Which is, of course, idiotic.

The whole basic premise of that argument is that you don’t need a computer to tell if a player is good or not. Which is nonsense for many reasons. First, you don’t need a computer for any of these newfangled statistics. Even WAR, or FIP, or VORP. All you need is a decent calculator. Of course, that’s not much different. A computer is really just a bunch of calculators. But, the point is that the stats just require some math to get to. So?

Have you ever figured out a batting average without a calculator? Unless the guy has one hit in ten at-bats, I’m going to need a calculator to figure it out. And, that’s about as old timey as a statistic can get. No, with WAR you don’t just get to count the number. It takes some multiplication and division. But, just like batting average, it doesn’t make it less valid.

Because things like home runs, and even pitcher wins still have some value. A person who hits 50 home runs has more power than a guy who hits ten. A pitcher with 20 wins is almost always a better pitcher than a guy who has five. But, they don’t really tell the story. And they certainly don’t tell the story when the numbers are closer to each other.

Take a guy who hits 50 home runs. Is he a better power hitter than a guy who hits 40? 45? That’s depends on a lot of things. How many at-bats did it take to hit those home runs? If a guy hits 50 home runs in 600 at bats, that’s not as good as a guy who hit 40 in 300 at bats. Or, what if the guy who hit 40 home runs also hit 40 doubles, while the guy who hit 50 home runs only had five? Is that a better power hitter? And, that’s only looking at two counting stats. What if a guy has three more home runs, but five more triples, but three fewer doubles, but 50 more singles? Is that a better power hitter? That’s where the slugging percentage comes in. It’s tries to group all the different power numbers into a single stat. I’m not sure if that’s a nerd stat or not. But, it sure as heck requires a calculator. It also shows that there’s nothing wrong with the home run statistic. It just doesn’t show the whole story. If you want to know who the best home run hitter is? You can count home runs. If you want to know the better slugger? You need to get out the calculator.

What if you wanted to look at the better “hitter”? It always bugged me when people would call Wade Boggs the best Red Sox hitter since Ted Williams. Just because he had a high batting average (my calculator told me that), does that make him a great “hitter”? Or, does it make him a great singles hitter? After all, Ted would have a high batting average AND club a bunch of home runs. Isn’t that better? Boggs used to walk a lot. If you used a calculator, you’d know he had a good on base percentage. But, Ted had one of those too…and hit for power. That makes him better, right? That’s where OPS came in. Simply add the slugging percentage to on base percentage. The higher that number, the better hitter you are. Is OPS a perfect stat? Of course not. But, it’s a way to account for all the different aspects of hitting in one number.

And, that’s all the “nerd” stats try to do. They try to incorporate all the different aspects of a player into a number. Because it’s not all cut and dry. Does a player make a lot of plays in the field because he covers a lot of ground? Or it is because a lot of balls are hit to him? Does a player dive a lot because he puts in so much effort? Or, because he was out of position to start with? Does he score runs because he runs the bases well? Or because the guy behind him hits a lot of doubles?

Stats like WAR try to incorporate all of that. How well does a player hit? Or hit for power? Or run? Or field? Or throw? Those are the five tools we’re looking for, right? So, wouldn’t a top player excel in all of those? Wouldn’t you want a way to measure that?

Even if you needed a calculator?

Monday, August 20, 2018

36 Pack Wax Match: Pack 29

The Stage has been set. The Match is underway. Who will come out on top? There’s only one way to find out.

Keep going, and open that twenty-ninth pack!

As we dive into this pack, each set is hoping to grab the series lead after 1988 tied things up with a victory in pack 28. Who will do it with this pack? Let's see!

Red Sox +2
 1988 Jumps to an early lead thanks to the confused look of Tom Bolton. He was probably assuming that the photographer was going to focus on Section 36 just over Bolton's left shoulder. There's probably some surprise showing up that the picture was going to be of him.

Yankees -2. Hall of Fame +1
Another combo card. This card of the Man of Steal nets 1988 negative points.

Hall of Fame +1
Grumpy Steve Carlton gets that point back. Carlton was on the Twins?

And that's the end of the points for 1988! It has to hope that 2 points will be enough.

Red Sox +2
This card of Rick Cerone get two quick points. For a card that doesn't really show a lot of action, this is a pretty great action shot. I don't even think it's cropped too closely, since they allow the action to extend beyond the border.

Incredibly, that's where the scoring stops. Would you believe we have ANOTHER tie? A tie pack in a tie match. Craziness.

Box Bottom: 1988 +1 (1-0)
Pack 1:  1990 +6 (1-1)
Pack 2:  1990 +4 (2-1)
Pack 3:  1988 +3 (2-2)
Pack 4:  1990 +1 (3-2)
Pack 5:  1990 +1 (4-2)
Pack 6:  1988 +2 (3-4)
Pack 7:  1988 +3 (4-4)
Pack 8:  TIE   +0 (4-4)
Pack 9:  1990 +2 (5-4)
Pack 10: 1990 +4 (6-4)
Pack 11: 1990 +4 (7-4)
Pack 12: 1990 +1 (8-4)
Pack 13: 1990 +5 (9-4)
Pack 14: 1988 +3 (5-9)
Pack 15: 1988 +2 (6-9)
Pack 16: 1988 +3 (7-9)
Pack 17: 1990 +3 (10-7)
Pack 18: 1988 +2 (8-10)
Pack 19: 1988 +3 (9-10)
Pack 20: 1990 +2 (11-9)
Pack 21: TIE   +0 (11-9)
Pack 22: 1990 +2 (12-9)
Pack 23: 1988 +2 (10-12)
Pack 24: TIE   +0 (10-12)
Pack 25: 1988 +3 (11-12)
Pack 26: TIE   +0 (11-12)
Pack 27: TIE   +0 (11-12)
Pack 28: 1988 +1 (12-12)
Pack 29: TIE   +0 (12-12)

What will happen next time?

Friday, August 17, 2018

Brooke Mills Visits Section 36!

Section 36 has another visitor! Brooke Mills is a concussion awareness advocate, a Red Sox fan, and the current Miss
Winnipesaukee. I’m so excited she was generous enough to take some time out of her schedule to visit with us to discuss those topics, and a few more. I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading everything she had to say!

So, let’s see what happens when Brooke Mills visits Section 36!

How did you celebrate winning the Miss Winnipesaukee crown?
I can answer that simply, a celebratory gluten free chocolate cupcake, partnered with saying “wow” a thousand times over adjusting to the fact that I am now Miss Winnipesaukee and have just been given $10,000 in scholarship. I am so thrilled to have been given this job and the excitement still hasn’t worn off! 

As a former Miss Weirs Beach, how does it feel to be back representing that region? 
Simply wonderful! It is a great place to be and an honor to represent! I was actually the last Miss Weirs Beach, and to my surprise, many people remembered me with that title two years ago! This past month it has been great to reintroduce myself to the area with my service projects and scheduled appearances!  

You finished in the top five of the last two Miss NH competitions. What did you learn from those experiences that can help you this time?
I have continued to learn many things throughout my time in this organization but I find the most important part is to leave your most authentic self out on that stage, and to give it your all. I am so proud to have placed both years in competing which has helped me greatly pay for my college education thus far! 

What is your favorite part about singing on stage?
My favorite part is sharing the love I have for that particular song with the audience. For every song I sing, I find numerous reasons why I love the particular tune, and try to share that with the audience so that they fall in love with the song as well! 

What is your personal fitness routine?
I love lifting! I am so honored to be working with an amazing sponsor and trainer at Raw Fitness in Laconia NH.  These great workouts incorporate and target joint movements, cardiovascular, strength, flexibility and form. If you’re looking for a well-rounded workout routine, classes or a respected personal trainer, I highly recommend Raw Fitness, follow the link below! 

What led you to start “Lessen the Impact”, which now serves as your platform?
After suffering my personal concussion I was opened to the world of concussion and how greatly important concussion awareness was. Since the founding of Lessen the Impact Organization, I have also founded National Concussion Awareness Day to promote this message around the country. Join this year’s movement and share your brain injury story on social media with the hashtag #nationalconcussionawarenessday and find our page on

Most people associate concussions with sports like football. But, the Red Sox have had several players and a sideline reporter miss time with concussions the last couple years. So, what types of athletes need to be aware of concussions?
I find it important for everyone to be aware of concussions, even non-athletes. I did not participate in any sport before my concussion and therefore lacked a lot of information about them. I was playing team hand ball in my required freshman gym class when I was kicked in the head, resulting in a brain injury that left me unconscious on the gym floor. 
By having a knowledgeable society on concussions including the signs and symptoms, healing processes, importance of rest, returning to play and learn guidelines, and taking the concussion seriously, we would be able to greatly help those suffering and prevent future injuries. For more information visit the

Brock Holt comes to mind as a player who struggled with his concussion for a long time. Is there something we as fans, or as people who may know others who have had concussions, need to keep in mind during the recovery process?
It is unfortunate that many sports have reoccurring concussions that happen during any game to the players, even baseball. I find the most important part is to be optimistic. Time is the best healer as well as any cognitive rehabilitation therapies and rest, but it is important to be optimistic that the body and brain will recover. This past March I had my 4 year anniversary from my brain injury and continue to see improvements in my cognitive abilities. When recovering, simply be patient.    

How will the Red Sox finish the 2018 season?
They are killing it so far, and I’m looking forward to watching them finish the season strong! I will be attending a game this August! 


I hope she has a great time at the game! With this team, it should be a blast.

As always, I want to give huge thanks to Brooke for doing this interview, especially with the hectic schedule she keeps. She actually answered questions while on the road, which was incredibly nice of her. I also want to thank her for providing so many wonderful pictures to accompany the interview. They definitely make it a lot more fun to read.

As Brooke continues her time as Miss Winnipesaukee, I encourage you to follow her on her official Miss Winnipesaukee Facebook page. I also recommend you check out all the websites and Facebook pages she mentioned in the interview. You should also be sure to check the link for her platform: Lessen the Impact. They’re all great resources.

I also want to wish Brooke luck this spring as she competes for the Miss New Hampshire crown! It would be incredible to have another Section 36 visitor take home that title! 

Thanks again Brooke, and good luck!

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Who’s Most Valuable?

The Red Sox have finally done it. It took until midway through August, but the Sox have finally succeeded to the level where the EEIdiots aren’t waiting for them to collapse. Sure, there’s the occasional “you never know” fool out there. But, by and large the EEIdiots are treating the rest of the Red Sox season like they do Patritos seasons. We know they’re winning the division, so fill our time with other things until the playoffs start.

What have they decided to fill their time with?

The debate for MVP of the American League. 

It’s actually an interesting discussion since the Red Sox really have two horses in the race. In a given year, the numbers that Mookie Betts and JD Martinez are putting up would definitely get them in the conversation. What’s interesting to me are the arguments being presented, on both sides, that are sometimes direct opposites of each other. Weird.

One of the arguments talk radio likes (because there’s no way to prove it) is the “value” part of MVP. Who is the most valuable? I heard one suggestion the other day that JD Martinez has been more valuable because of the off field things he’s done. Admittedly, he’s apparently done a lot for the team. He’s helping other players find flaws in their hitting. He’s assumed a leadership role. He’s definitely been the model player as far as the way he carries himself. And, I can’t argue that’s not valuable. But, if that’s the argument you want to make…that off-field things count…wouldn’t that put a lot more people into play for the award? What about someone like Brock Holt? He’s a pretty good teammate. He plays hard. Does that make him valuable? Would he be the most valuable on the team perhaps? Where do you stop pulling that thread? The people in JD’s camp also point out that the team is much better than last year, and he’s really the only new addition. So he must be valuable. Although, the team also won the division last year, just like they will this year. So, how valuable is he? 

Most people, even those who would vote for JD, agree that Mookie is the best all-around player on the team. That has to make him pretty valuable. Right? Mookie plays a spectacular right field, while JD is (mostly) a DH. Does that work in Mookie’s favor? Probably. I never really believe the notion that a DH can’t be an MVP. After all, am I going to punish a guy because his team has a better fielder? If JD was in the National league, he’d play in the outfield. Every game. But, because the Sox happen to have a way to play both him and Jackie Bradley Jr every game, he should be punished? After all, JD’s an adequate outfielder. It’s not like putting him out there takes away all the value he brings at the plate.

So, who is it?

I’m with Mookie. I think he just does too much too well. If you strictly look at offensive numbers, Mookie does things that JD can’t, but JD doesn’t really do anything Mookie can’t. The gap between Mookie and JD on the bases, for instance, is bigger than the gap between JD and Mookie in home run power. In the field, Mookie isn’t just an adequate fielder, he’s a phenomenal fielder. Maybe the best right fielder in the league. There’s just too much talent everywhere for me to ignore. The best fielder is leading the league in batting and slugging? What more, exactly, do you want from a guy?

I say, “Nothing!” that’s why Mookie’s my MVP.

Who’s yours?

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Another Sale Start!

Summer is winding down. You're tired of wearing the same old thing when your working out, or going to the beach, or running to the store. You need a new wardrobe!

Lucky for you, the Section 36 store can help you! As it happens, the store is in the midst of a sale! You can take advantage of the opportunity to stock up on wonderful gear you can wear all summer long!

So, head over right now and select something that you like. But, don't delay. The sale only runs through Sunday! That's right only a few days before prices go back to their regular levels.

And, as always, when you do get an item, send me a picture wearing it for me to share with the world! The blogFacebook, and even Instagram!

Like Kylee did to show off her amazing new tank top.

This tank is 27% off!
Or Phil did.

This tank is still 27% off!

Or Holly did with her cozy new hoodie.

This hoodie is 21% off!

Or Nicolette did with her great t-shirt!

This t-shirt is 30% off!

But, first you need to buy something you like. There's a lot to choose from.

What will you get?

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