Thursday, November 9, 2023

2022 Topps Chrome Platinum Anniversary Blaster!

Yup. I still have some of this sitting around. Of course, I think Targrt still has some of this sitting around. It's fun though. Since it's technically a 2022 set, you already know the good players in it. It's not hyping the current rookie crop. These polayers all have at least two seasons under their belt by now. It's a completely different feel.

So, how did this box go? Let's find out!

You know the box by now.

And the packs.

As much as I enjoy getting cards of Ted, there's always an "eh" factor with long time retired players like this. Is this really a "Ted Williams" card in my collection? Do I need another one of these? I can't decide.

Even a Pedro card. This doesn't go in my Pedro PC. It's not from his playing days. So, it's just another Red Sox card. Not that I'm annoyed to have it. But, it's not as special as a current player. Even for Pedro.

This isn't a Red Sox card in any way. But, a little "what could have been" since this box included not only this (I think)  Fuchsia Atomic Refractor version /100 but also...

This Rose Gold Refractor /75. It's a Steve Carlton hot box! Now, if only this happened for Pedro! (Or, Julio Rodriguez for that matter).

And there you have it. Two former Red Sox cards, and two numbered HOFers. Not too bad at all.

How did your box go?

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

2023 Topps Allen & Ginter blaster!

It's time to open some more cards! How about my first blaster of 2023 Topps Allen & Ginter? I'm hoping that this set will start coming around. In the beginning, it was fun gettingcards of odd objects or unusual people. But, lately it almost seems like they're being used as advertisement. Lots of Social media stars and Topps affilliates. I know it's a fine line between quirky and far out. They did it well for so long though, it's odd watching them lose their way. But, it's still fun to open cards, right? 

How did this one turn out? Let's see!

The Box with the antique feel.

And the packs.

Unbelievable timing on this one.

Especially since it was the only Red Sox card in the box.

But, since this is my first box,  how about some of the other cards?

Here's a nice example of a good oddball card subject. This is the guy responsible for the mud they use to rub up baseballs before games. Always seemed odd that there was only one type of mud that worked for this process. But, so be it. 

Here's a former Red Sox player to add. The design this year is fun. I like the scrolling around the wood border. Feels rather elegant.

And here's the other end of the oddball spectrum. I know "YouTube Stars" are starting to become the "Television Stars" of the day. But, a "content creator" is a really weird subject for a card. At least he doesn't make content for Topps...right?

And there you have it. One timely Red Sox card, and a few others. But, nothing too exciting to talk about.

How did your box go?

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

2023 Topps Chrome Blaster!

Time for another one of these! Like most people, I've always enjoyed the Chrome set, even if some of the luster seems to be wearing off these days. It seems every set has a chrome/shiny version these days. And, frankly, the number of cards in this blaster really diminishes the "value" of the blaster. The per card cost makes it nearly impossible to justify unless you're into the high risk high reward game. Assuming there are high rewards available. But, I still enjoy opening packs. So, whatcha gonna do?

How did this box go? Let's find out!

As always, the box. Wish Topps had gone with the Red Sox rookies instead of the Orioles.

Especially all over the packs.

Here's a fun insert of Rafael Devers. Fun, in that it's a nic looking card. But, it's not "clever", which is what I want from my inserts. "Technicolor"? Really? That's an insert set in in color?

And the base Devers. One thing the Chrome does, is make it hard to photograph. No, Devers is not running into the darkness in this pic.

Although, the glare sort of helps this Chris Sale card. I like how it highlights the ball in his hand. Might have been a fun effect to use on the card.

And, there you have it. Three Red Sox cards, none especially interesting. As I mentioned at the start, I don't really see the value. At the price of the blaster, would make way more sense to just grab the Sox cards individually.

How did your blaster go?

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