One of the most surprising and fun things to have happened to the blog as it has grown is the ability to add blog visitors. Whether they're directly connected with the Red Sox, or write about the Red Sox, or are just fans of the team like the rest of us, an incredible group of people have been willing to answer some questions to be shared with all of you. It's been so wonderful to see the numbers grow to the point that they really deserve their own page. So, here they are, all in one place. All of the incredible visitors to Section 36!


While I'm not the biggest fan of the term "WAG", it refers to one of the most exciting developments with the blog. I have had the opportunity to interview several women who were married to, or dating, Red Sox players! It was a great opportunity for a behind the scenes look into their lives. 

Jordan Whitlock

Emily Taylor

New England Patriots Cheerleaders
So excited about the chance to cross over between sports and see what current Patriots Cheerleaders have to say about the Red Sox!

Laura Aramini

Alicia Capone

Isabella Tropeano


Josh Berube - The AOSN

A while ago, I interviewed fellow bloggers in time for their hometown teams to visit Fenway Park. I called the series "Visitor's Views". Some of the blogs are long since gone, some are still going strong.

I have been blessed with so many visits from Miss America Organization titleholders, that they really deserved their own page! Go check out all their amazing visits on my Miss America page!

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