Thursday, July 15, 2010

Visitor's Views

It’s once again time to inject some opposing viewpoints into this blog. Since the Texas Rangers will be visiting Friendly Fenway tonight, I contacted Texas Rangers Cards. I asked him to answer a couple questions for me since it’s a great Rangers blog. He, thankfully, agreed. I asked him the same questions I asked all my visiting fans. I wonder how the answers compare. Here’s what he had to say:

When did you start blogging?
My first post was on January 15, 2008. I've tried to do six posts a week since. I take Sundays off.

What is the theme/goal of your blog?
Collecting the Texas Rangers. I try to follow the current team and talk about past players while posting pictures of my Rangers collection. I try to showcase both cards and memorabilia but most of the posts end up being cards.

Which member/group of the Rangers are you most confident in?
Michael Young is the first name that comes to mind. He seems to be a steadying influence with the younger players and a team-oriented guy. He also produces no matter what. If the Rangers had a captain I don't see how they could go with anyone other than him. Besides Michael I always like to see Josh Hamilton, Ian Kinsler, Vladimir Guerrero, and Elvis Andrus in the lineup.

Which member/group of the Rangers concerns you the most?
The pitching. Always seems to be a weak area with Texas. The addition of Cliff Lee and Darren Oliver helps. Rich Harden has been about the disappointment I feared that he would be. Hopefully Feliz, Francisco, Lewis, and Wilson can all live up to their potential.

Which member of the Red Sox scares you the most? (Yes, you have to pick one)
Kevin Youkilis. He's gonna hurt you day in and day out at the plate.

Which member of the Red Sox do you like the least?
Don't really have an entry for this category now that Manny Ramirez is gone. There are very few players that I actively dislike but he is one of them.

What’s your prediction for the upcoming Red Sox/Rangers series?
Going to go out on the edge here and say that the series will split 2-2. Perhaps I should go more after the series last year but it's hard to discount Fenway.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say the number “36”?
Four more than Jon Matlack's number.

I hope these questions offer some insight into the Visitor’s Section. (If you have a question you wish I had asked, let me know. If I do this again with other visiting teams, maybe I’ll use it.) Thanks again to Texas Rangers Cardsfor helping me out. I wish the Rangers luck.

When they're not playing the Red Sox.


  1. Thanks for allowing me the honor of taking part in a post on your blog. Best of luck to the Sox in hammering the Yankees every chance they get.

  2. Thanks for helping out.

    If the Rangers could topple the Yanks every now and then, it would be great. Rays too.

  3. Good stuff.

    It's gotta feel great to be a Rangers' fan right now.

    They are likable, have a nice blend of veterans and youth, and have the Nolan Ryan mindset setting the agenda on the mound (go deeper).

    Hunter looked great tonight.

    Sorry it came at the expense of your team, Section 36.

    Do you think Wakefield will be released? At the very least it seems he needs to be moved to mop-up/long relief duty. A 43 year old with a 5.22 era won't cut it as a starter in the AL East.

    I guess the injuries are so deep right now that he is filling the slot. I'd think a AAA guy would have more potential upside.

  4. The rotation has injuries to the #1 and #5 starters at the moment. That's the reason Wake is in there. They have a AAA guy in the other spot.

    Some of it is just the nature of the knuckleball. Sometimes you just throw one inning and give up six runs. That's why I hate having him in the bullpen. But, he's just as likely to go six innings of one run ball. Games like last night skew the numbers a bit.


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