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Welcome to the 36 Pix page!

I think it's great to see different pictures of everyone's favorite section. But, I can't do it without your help. So, next time you're at a Sox game, take a picture in Section 36, and send it along. (tweet it to me, FB message me, or e-mail to section36 at gmail dot com) It can be a picture of you in your seat, the view from your seat, the really loud guy behind you, the girl two rows in front of you, the funny sign six rows behind you, whatever you want! Even if you don't have tickets in Section 36, just take a picture of Section 36 from wherever you happen to be, or head over while you're at the park and snap a quick photo. And, for our out of town friends, feel free to send along pictures of Section 36 in other parks as well. Can't do that either? Make up a sign saying "I'd rather be in Section 36" and send in your pic with that. From wherever you happen to be. Section 43, the grocery store, the beach, whatever. That way, everyone gets to play along and have fun. (Of course, those who like Section 36 on Facebook get even more pix as part of the daily picture post.)

To make them a little easier to navigate, the pix are broken into some categories:

Pix in 36

Pix people have taken of themselves enjoying Section 36


Pix with 36

Pix of people posing with Section 36 behind them


Rather be in 36 Pix

Sometimes, you can't see the best Section in Fenway. So people have taken their pix with signs voicing their displeasure.


Pix of 36 Gear

People displaying their Section 36 gear!


Pix of 36 Logo

People proudly displaying the Section 36 Logo


Pix of 36

Pictures of Section 36 itself, either from Section 36 or elsewhere


Pix from 36

Pictures taken from Section 36 of other places in the park.

Hope you'll send in yours soon!

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