One of the most surprising and fun things to have happened to the blog as it has grown is the ability to add blog visitors. Whether they're directly connected with the Red Sox, or write about the Red Sox, or are just fans of the team like the rest of us, an incredible group of people have been willing to answer some questions to be shared with all of you. It's been so wonderful to see the numbers grow to the point that they really deserve their own page. So, here they are, all in one place. All of the incredible visitors to Section 36!


Josh Berube - The AOSN

MAO Titleholders

Sherene Iskander - Miss Cranberry Country 2017

Sara Achorn - Miss Plymouth County 2017

Samantha Mackes - Miss Exeter 2017

Emily Thomas - Miss Cambridge 2017

Carly Fisher - Miss Boston's Outstanding Teen 2017

Amanda Debus - Miss Delaware 2016

Monique Vacon - Miss Bay State 2016

Samantha Russo - Miss New Hampshire 2013

Kailee Dunn - Miss Washington 2014

Rylee Field - Miss Vermont 2016

Alissa Musto - Miss Massachusetts 2016

Alayna Westcom - Miss Vermont 2015

Lauren Kuhn - Miss Massachusetts 2014

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