Friday, August 24, 2018

Erin Bradley Visits Section 36!

Section 36 has another visitor! As I’m sure you’re aware, with Section 36 occupying a spot in the centerfield bleachers in Fenway,
we have a special affinity for Red Sox centerfielders. I think it’s safe to say that Erin Bradley shares those thoughts...after all she married one. She’s also a frequent traveler, philanthropist, and a devoted mother. I’m flattered she was willing to take some time out of her schedule to visit with us and discuss those topics, along with a few more. I know you’ll enjoy reading everything she had to say!

So, let’s see what happens when Erin Bradley visits Section 36!

Growing up in Virginia, were you much of a baseball fan? How else did you spend your time? 
I grew up just loving sports in general. I played softball from t-ball to my senior year of high school and played volleyball and swam. I was also really involved in musical theater and choir at school and church.

You studied kinesiology at Liberty University. What got you interested in that field? 
I grew up pretty active and always had a desire to be involved in something to do with sports/movement. I have a BS in kinesiology with a focus in health and physical education. So I also have my certification in teaching which I think it's so important to teach young ones the importance of staying healthy and active. 

Jackie made his Major League debut on Opening Day at Yankee Stadium, not exactly a low pressure situation. What were your emotions like as you watched him experience that? 
It was surreal. To be honest I don't even really remember much because I was so nervous for him. I remember just feeling so proud of him and having the utmost respect for him and his hard work for getting him there. 

You have a pretty frequent social media presence. How do you deal with the negative side of Red Sox fan social media? 
I feel like I handle it pretty well but I owe that all to Jackie. I used
to care about the opinions of others all the time. Good, bad, and indifferent. He doesn't care about the negativity and has really taught me to just let it go and ignore the negativity. At the end of the day everyone has opinions on everything. I'm not always going to agree with everyone and that's ok. I don't always handle things the right way but I strive to do my best and focus on positive things. 

You’ve been able to do a lot of traveling, both due to the Red Sox or on your own. What is your favorite place to visit? Why? 
Baseball wise I always enjoy going to Baltimore(close to family,
good food, good ballpark, nice hotel) as well as Seattle(just such a great city). Non baseball I really enjoy traveling to places in the Caribbean. We've been to a few places in the offseasons that are just so beautiful and relaxing(Antigua, Grenada to name a few)

Other than Section 36, what is your favorite feature or experience at Fenway Park? 
I would say the fan experience is a pretty fun one. Not many ballparks have such an intense atmosphere so it's pretty cool to see every night.

You have been involved in a lot of charity work through the Red Sox, whether it’s with the Red Sox Scholars or the many activities the Red Sox Wives are involved in. What drives you to be involved is so many ways? 
This will probably sound cliche but it's just the right thing to do. Whether you have a lot or a little to give we should always strive to do our part to help those in need. You never know what someone is going through or what they've been through so it's always important to love on those around you. You never know what your kindness could mean to someone or how it could change their day.

How often do you get to watch the Red Sox in person? Did that change much after your daughter Emerson was born? 
So during the homestands Emerson and I go to pretty much every
game. We are super thankful for accommodations provided by the Red Sox that allow us to come and watch the games. We don't go on too many road trips but if we do we definitely go to the games.  I use to travel all the time before I had Em but now I don't travel as much and during the games I'm busy trying to keep her occupied that I miss like half of what's going on so those are probably the differences from then to now but all that matters is that we are there supporting our man!

Does being able to watch Jackie on TV help you and Emerson endure his long road trips? 
I wouldn't say that it helps us but we definitely enjoy it! She loves getting to watch "daddy baseball". 


I’m sure we all enjoy watching lots of "daddy baseball"!

I can’t thank Erin enough for doing this interview, especially with the craziness of daily life. It was a unique pleasure to get this small glimpse into her world. I also want to thank her for allowing me to use the fantastic pictures to accompany the interview. They really add that something special to the post.

I certainly recommend you check out the Red Sox community page to see all the amazing charity work and other activities Erin has been involved with. You should also go give her a follow on Instagram and Twitter. You won’t regret it.

Thanks again Erin!

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