Saturday, April 24, 2010

List of 36: Best Red Sox First Basemen of the Past 36 years

1. Carl Yastrzemski
2. Mo Vaughn
3. Kevin Youkilis
4. Tony Perez
5. Cecil Cooper
6. Bill Buckner
7. George Scott
8. Jack Clark
9. David Ortiz
10. Victor Martinez
11. Carlos Pena
12. Tony Clark
13. Rico Brogna
14. Mike Easler
15. Nick Esasky
16. Kevin Millar
17. John Olerud
18. Carlos Quintana
19. Dave Stapleton
20. Jose Offerman
21. Doug Meintkiewicz
22. Todd Benzinger
23. Brian Daubach
24. Sean Casey
25. Reggie Jefferson
26. Sam Horn
27. David McCarty
28. Rick Lancellotti

29. Larry Parrish
30. Bily Jo Robidoux
31. Andy Abad
32. Jeff Bailey
33. Morgan Burkhart
34. Jack Baker
35. Juan Diaz
36. Danny Cater


  1. I've always been a big Rico Brogna fan. Great glove and he was great with the fans in Philly.

  2. No Dewey on the list? I know he only played one season there towards the end of his career, but it had to have been better than at least the last ten names on that list.

  3. In the listing of all-time players in the Red Sox media guide, they only list Dewey as a rightfielder. Have to assume they know what they're talking about. But, you're right. He'd be up a bit on the list.

  4. Well, he did play 143 games there over two seasons with a .984 Fld%.

    Cater played about the same number of games with a slightly better percentage, but much worse offense.

    Burkhart only played 12 games at first. Jeff Bailey only played 38.

    If Ortiz is on the list while only playing first during interleague games, Dewey definitely has to be there.

  5. tom timms should be here also

  6. Tommy Timms should be on this list!

  7. Where’s Mitch Morelands name !!!


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