Sunday, April 4, 2010

Put Me in Coach. I’m Ready to Play!

Enough with the exhibitions. Enough with the practice. Enough with the injuries that aren’t injuries. Enough with the batting slumps that don’t matter. Enough with starters leaving the games much too early. It’s time to play ball!

The field is fresh. The uniforms are white. There’s nothing like the start of the season. Unlike the start of Spring Training, this is more than an honorary event. It’s not just a symbol of good things on the way. Oh, no. It’s Opening Day. This time, it counts. No more wondering. No more hoping. No more guessing. It’s time to play, and see what we have in our hometown team.

Yes, it’s annoying that the opener is at night. Yes, it’s too soon to be playing the Yankees. Yes, the Easter conflict is too bad. But, none of it really matters. The season is starting, and it’s about time.

So, bring on the Yanks. Bring on Sabathia. Bring on the rest of the American League.

This is going to be fun.


  1. I think it's fantastic that the opener is the Red Sox and Yankees at night!

    We have had openers overseas. We have had openers with teams who had a slim chance at winning anything.

    Having the season open with one of the best rivals in the history of baseball is sublime.

    Having the season open with perhaps the two best teams in baseball generates immediate attention.

    Anyone who complains is looking at a smaller picture.

  2. I agree. A night opener isn't as awful as an overseas opener. (Although, it was pretty cool to wake up in the morning to live baseball) The main objection is the constant catering to TV in spite of "real" fans. The 10 PM playoff games. The openers on holidays. The switching of the day and time of the Opening Day game just for TV. It gets annoying. Of couse, the problem is that all the "real" fan does is complain. They stil watch the games. So, TV wins. The rest of the fans that TV is trying to grab watch too. Why would they change?

  3. True. 8 is a bit late for kids and fans in general.

    I'm on the west coast so 5 is a perfect time.

    I'm so excited!


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