Monday, August 13, 2018

Eliminating Baltimore

Another weekend, another example of just how dominant the Red Sox are this year. Last Monday we could talk about the Red Sox sweeping away the Yankees. Laying waste to the team that was closest to them in the division. Today, we have the opposite example. This weekend the Red Sox swept the Orioles, officially eliminating them for the competition for the division title. Second place. Last place. They all seem to fall to the Red Sox buzz saw.

I’m guessing it’s not a record or anything. But, being eliminated in mid-August is pretty crazy. It speaks to not only how amazing the Red Sox season has been thus far, but also how poorly the Orioles have played. (Although, they seem to play well against the Yankees.)

Once again, the Red Sox needed all their talents to win the four games. They got good pitching when they needed it. They got key hits when they needed it. They just bludgeoned the other team when they needed it. It’s just so much fun to watch.

Next up for the Sox is a struggling Phillies team that just fell into a tie for first place in the division. It’s the start of a stretch where for three series they face winning ball clubs, including two teams currently in first place. This has, of course, been the newest “test’ placed before the Red Sox. Sure, they’ve passed every other test with flying colors. But two games in Philly and then four games hosting Cleveland is the new measuring stick. After all, Cleveland is the only team with a larger division lead than the Sox…even though the Red Sox are what, 17.5 games ahead of them at the moment? (It’s just silly) I can only assume that once the Sox show they can beat those two team, the games against Houston will become the measuring stick for the Sox. Which brings up a question.

At what point is a team what it is? After 120 games, can't we just decide that the team is good? Really good? Even if they lose the series against Cleveland? Or get swept by the Phillies? Aren't they still a really good team? The Red Sox are in first place, but other teams don't pack it in when the Red Sox beat them, right? 

So how about we enjoy the best regular season in memory without worrying about what might happen sometime later?

Just have some fun!

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