Sunday, January 24, 2010

List of 36: Best Red Sox Third Basemen of the Past 36 years

1. Wade Boggs 
2. Kevin Youkilis 
3. Rico Petrocelli
4. Mike Lowell 
5. Carney Lansford 
6. Bill Mueller 
7. Scott Cooper 
8. Butch Hobson 
9. Glenn Hoffman 
10. Tim Naehring 
11. John Valentin 
12. Shea Hillenbrand 
13. Freddy Sanchez 
14. Ed Jurak 
15. Jed Lowrie 
16. Wilton Veras 
17. Juan Bell 
18. Carlos Baerga 
19. Luis Ortiz 
20. Mike Benjamin 
21. Lou Merloni 
22. Ed Romero 
23. Bill Selby 
24. Jack Brohamer 
25. Ernest Riles 
26. Chris Donnels 
27. Dick McAuliffe 
28. Bob Heise 
29. John Kennedy 
30. Buddy Hunter 
31. Esteban Beltre 
32. Terry Hughes 
33. Frank Duffy 
34. Jim Tatum 
35. Sean Berry 
36. Gary Gaetti


  1. Interesting list. This is based strictly on isolating the at bat/games with the Red Sox, not the overall career, I assume.

    I like any list that acknowledges Boggs. I grew up in Connecticut and watched Boggs bang doubles off the Monster for a decade.

    If I were to put together a list of the most underrated players in baseball history, my first instinct is Boggs would make the top ten.

    A .415 lifetime OBP from a 3rd Baseman? Or from any position. Boggs had a career that generated runs.

    But I'm preaching to the choir :)

    Just an Orioles fan giving props.

  2. Yeah, the list focused on the Red Sox portions of their career. Otherwise I'm guessing Gaetti may move up a bit.

    Obviously, there were some judgement calls. Is Bill Mueller's one batting title in a couple years worth more than Cooper's multiple all-stars over many years? I said yes.

    Funny, as a Sox fan, I would have put Boggs in an overrared column. Guess I just take him for granted.


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