Friday, June 18, 2010

Visitor's Views

It’s once again time to inject some opposing viewpoints into this blog. Since the Los Angeles Dodgers will be visiting Friendly Fenway tonight, I contacted Dodger Bobble. I asked him to answer a couple questions for me since it’s a great Dodgers blog. He, thankfully, agreed. I asked him the same questions I asked all my visiting fans. I wonder how the answers compare. Here’s what he had to say:

When did you start blogging?
Started blogging March 2010.

What is the theme/goal of your blog?
The theme is anything Los Angeles Dodgers, bobbleheads, and baseball.

Which member/group of the Dodgers are you most confident in?
I have the most confidence in the pitching staff

Which member/group of the Dodgers concerns you the most?
Right now, it's the Dodgers offense.

Which member of the Red Sox scares you the most? (Yes, you have to pick one)
I'm not really sure. But I will say former Dodgers tend to go off when they play us, so maybe Adrian Beltre. Plus, Beltre is on my fantasy team, so there will be a conflict of interest for me.

Which member of the Red Sox do you like the least?
I hate JD Drew with a passion.

What’s your prediction for the upcoming Red Sox/Dodgers series?
Dodgers sweep of course

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say the number “36”?
First thing I think of is Greg Maddux. He wore 36 for the Dodgers.

I hope these questions offer some insight into the Visitor’s Section. (If you have a question you wish I had asked, let me know. If I do this again with other visiting teams, maybe I’ll use it.) Thanks again to Dodger Bobble for helping me out. I wish the Dodgers luck
Once they stop playing the Red Sox.


  1. Thanks. Sorry you have to cheer for Kobe.

  2. I was so damn confident in that pitching. Monasterios goes 4 innings, gives up 6 earned runs. Troncoso comes in goes 0.0 inning and gives up 4 earned runs. Ouch.

    Joe Torre really has abused Troncoso this season. Tonight was his 35th appearance.

  3. Just out of curiosity - What's a Red Sox fan's feelings towards J.D. Drew?


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