Thursday, June 3, 2010

Blogger Challenge

Brian, the author of the fine baseball card blog 30-Year Old Cardboard has offered a challenge of sorts to the blogging community. He has suggested that everyone in eyeshot post, on Sunday, a list of the ten best baseball games they have seen. I thought that was a pretty good idea, and will faithfully accept the challenge. Which ten games will I pick? You’ll have to check back on Sunday. It wouldn’t be fair to let you know ahead of time, now would it?

Naturally, any time there are list like this, the question comes up as to what makes a game “great”. (I know my “List of 36” has sometimes raised that same question.) What makes one game better than another? Is it a great pitching match-up? Is it an impressive offensive display? Is it historical significance? Is a boring playoff game greater than an exciting regular season contest? Is a game featuring 6 future hall-of-Famers performing poorly greater than a no-hitter by a soon to be washed up pitcher? Of course, there is no right answer to any of those questions. Why do you think people make lists? To instigate debate. It’s what makes sports great. There are endless questions to argue about with no right answer. Why was the best hitter? Who had the best season? What are the best games?

So, when you come back Sunday (You’re coming back, right?) you’ll get to see what made my list. It is nice that I have an “out” of sorts in that they’re games I’ve seen. That limits the field a little bit. But, you’ll get to see how my list compares to one you would make. You can also see if I ranked my ten the same way you would have. What could be more fun that that?

Especially on a Sunday.

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