Monday, June 21, 2010

Rollin' Red Sox

So, I was lucky enough to attend Saturday's game at Fenway. Here's what I saw when the Red Sox took the field...

On the mound was Tim Wakefield. Why Tim Wakefield? Because Sox ace Josh Beckett is still on the disabled list. The starting outfield was (get this) Daniel Nava, Darnell McDonald, and Bill Hall. Really? Why was it that collection of "huh"? Because leftfielder Jacoby Ellsbury is still out withbroken ribs, and has been most of the season. Centerfielder Mike Cameron has been missing time off and on with just about every odd injury you can think of. Rightfielder JD Drew was out with a hamstring problem, which hopefully will clear up in a few days. Yup, that's right. Four subs in the starting nine. So, what happened? Just a walk-off win. Just a win that preserved their spot as the team with the most wins in baseball. Oh, and I didn't mention. Their number four starter has also been on the DL for the last two weeks. Crazy doesn't even begin to describe it.

Wasn't this the bridge year? Wasn't this team incapable of scoring runs? Wasn't this team completely out of it a month ago? Think again. Thaks to the return of David Ortiz, the line-up looks fantastic. Even without Ellsbury and Cameon, 1-7 looks like a formiddable force. There isn't an easy out in the bunch. Scutaro and Pedroia have been setting the table. Ortiz, Youk, and V-Mart have been driving them in. Perhaps the surprise of the buch has been Beltre. He was supposed to be a light hit, super glove guy. The glove has been somewhat underwhelming, but the bat has been all we could ask for and more. Add in JD Drew, and that's a group of guys that can win some runs.

The pitching staff is rounding into form...once they're all there. Lester and Lackey are expected to give a good start every time out. Buchholz has been fantastic most of the time he's on the mound. He gets hit with young pitcher inconsistantcy once in a while, but who doesn't?

All I can say is, "Wow!". Now, it looks oike Dice will be back this week. Camearon is back off and on. Hopefully Drew will be up to his old tricks withing a few days. This team is leading the majors in wins, and not a full strength yet?

This could be fun.

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