Tuesday, June 8, 2010

TTM Success!

Once again, that beautiful sight arrived in my mailbox. Flipping through Friday’s mail, I saw that little envelope addressed in my own handwriting! Where did it come from? Who could it be? What will I find inside.

The first part of opening it was a little confusing. As a rule, I only send out cards to players that picture them with the team they’re currently on. I don’t know why. It just feel like they’re a member of that team now, and I should respect that. Sort of like when Derek Lowe wore a Sox jersey to the 2005 ring ceremony even though he was a member of the Dodgers. So, I was a little surprised when opening the back of the envelope revealed this card. The first thing I saw was the “Reds” team name. Who did I send a card to in Cincinnati? This is a pretty old card too. So, I pulled it out t reveal the one and only Terry Francona. Much like Kevin Youkilis did not too long ago, Francona decided to send along a card of his own. It’s a great card, and a great signature. I’m thrilled that Tito took the time to send it back to me.

It asks the same question that I brought up with Youkilis though. If I didn’t send this card, where did it come from? The one from Youk was a recent card, issued in the last year or two. Francona selected one from over 20 years ago. Has he been hanging onto a stack of 1988 Topps cards since then to send off to people? Did someone else, this year, send him 5 copies of that card to sign, but Francona sent one to me instead? How interesting.

However it happened, though, I’m glad it did. That’s two responses already this year and I couldn’t be happier. It makes me want to get together another batch to send off! So, thank you Terry Francona for adding this gem to my collection.

It looks just great.

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  1. my guess is that he is going to take your card, sign it, and send it on to another fan. Throws em all in the Francona grab bag and he pulled the 1988 for you.


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