Thursday, November 9, 2023

2022 Topps Chrome Platinum Anniversary Blaster!

Yup. I still have some of this sitting around. Of course, I think Targrt still has some of this sitting around. It's fun though. Since it's technically a 2022 set, you already know the good players in it. It's not hyping the current rookie crop. These polayers all have at least two seasons under their belt by now. It's a completely different feel.

So, how did this box go? Let's find out!

You know the box by now.

And the packs.

As much as I enjoy getting cards of Ted, there's always an "eh" factor with long time retired players like this. Is this really a "Ted Williams" card in my collection? Do I need another one of these? I can't decide.

Even a Pedro card. This doesn't go in my Pedro PC. It's not from his playing days. So, it's just another Red Sox card. Not that I'm annoyed to have it. But, it's not as special as a current player. Even for Pedro.

This isn't a Red Sox card in any way. But, a little "what could have been" since this box included not only this (I think)  Fuchsia Atomic Refractor version /100 but also...

This Rose Gold Refractor /75. It's a Steve Carlton hot box! Now, if only this happened for Pedro! (Or, Julio Rodriguez for that matter).

And there you have it. Two former Red Sox cards, and two numbered HOFers. Not too bad at all.

How did your box go?

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