Saturday, October 24, 2009

List of 36: Best Red Sox Catchers of the Past 36 years

1. Jason Varitek
2. Carlton Fisk
3. Victor Martinez
4. Tony Pena
5. Rich Gedman
6. Scott Hatteberg
7. John Marzano
8. Bill Haselman
9. Jim Leyritz
10. Rick Cerone
11. Mike Stanley
12. Doug Mirabelli
13. Mike McFarlane
14. Bob Montgomery
15. John Flaherty
16. Kevin Case
17. Josh Bard
18. Eric Wedge
19. Marc Sullivan
20. Javy Lopez
21. Kelly Shoppach
22. Dave Valle
23. Rich Rowland
24. Bob Didier
25. Tim Blackwell
26. Bob Melvin
27. Wal McKeel
28. Andy Merchant
29. Joe Oliver
30. Dave Sax
31. Mandy Romero
32. Marcus Jensen
33. Roger LaFrancious
34. Tim McCarver
35. Fred Kendall
36. Dave Rader


  1. Nice to see Philly local Johnny Marz on the list.

  2. Mike Stanley at 11 and
    Doug Mirabelli at 12? In my opinion, Stanley should be in the top 5 (!) and Mirabelli should be in the bottom 5. Stanley played in a difficult era and Doug is only as known as he is because he has played for the Sox in "the good years."

  3. Any reason to read further with Fisk at 2 and Varitek at 1? What a joke.

    1. My thoughts, exactly. BTW, when is Varitek's induction at Cooperstown? LOL!

  4. Lots of reasons to read further. 34 reasons, to be exact.

    Yes, Fisk is a hall-of-Famer, and Varitek isn't. But, as a Red Sox...which is what the list is...Varitek's career numbers are better than Fisk's were. So, he got the nod.

  5. Tek might have better career numbers with Sox, but ranking Tek ahead of Fisk on any list is absurd. Fisk is one of the greatest catchers of all-time in baseball. Tek is not in that category. I am old enough to have watched both play in person - absolutely no comparison. Pudge could control a game - he was a master of knowing the stengths of the pitchers he was working with. And much more offensive consistency over the years.

  6. Honorable mention; John Lickert. One game caught, no at bats. He deserves a nod for being Fenway's version of Moonlight Graham!


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