Monday, February 6, 2017

A Huge Victory!

Yesterday, all the hard work finally paid off. Determination and execution ruled the day. While it could have gone either way for a while, one winner came out on top.

We finally had a winner in the Section 36 Scavenger Hunt!

First, as always, I want to thank everyone who sent in entries! It’s always more fun when people play along, so thank you for making this year so much fun.

With that, I’d like to congratulate our winner…


You may recognize Jess as the talented author of the travel blog “Escape with Jess.” She has been very generous thus far when it comes to sharing pictures with us here at Section 36. It’s really a great thing to have a travel blogger willing to send in pictures from all her travels. It works well for everyone! You probably even noticed that her frequent contributions have earned her true “friend of the blog” status. So, I was thrilled when her entry started to trickle in. In the end, she held off the other competition to come out on top!

Here are a couple of my favorite pictures from the ones Jess sent in.

36 bottle caps! (and a female Sox fan)

An office supply

A retired number hat!
So, please help me in congratulation Jess on her amazing accomplishment. Hopefully she’ll continue sending in those fantastic pictures from all her travels.

Congratulations Jess!

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