Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Who Wants My Cards?

I know I’ve talked about this before.

I try to make collecting as close to self-sustaining as possible. Since I love opening packs, I open them. I add the Red Sox cards to my collection, and then sell any non-Red Sox stars I get on the bay. The money that comes from those sales goes towards more packs, and the cycle continues. I know that’s not an awesome business model, and it it doesn’t exactly cover all my card expenses. But, it’s a great start. Of course, that process also produces lots of cards that are stars, or Red Sox players. A lot. A lot. In an attempt to control the sheer size of my collection, I try to have a strict clean-out schedule. Anything that’s not a Red Sox card or a star waiting to be sold only gets to stay in my collection for ten years. After that, it's out of here. So, with the 2019 cards being purchased, I have to clear out anything left over from 2009. My "9" box needs the room. As you can see, the 2009 and earlier stacks take up a lot of space.

So, they need to move.

To where?

That's what this post is for.

I'd REALLY prefer not to throw them out. Although, I will if I have to. But, with so many bloggers out there, I can't believe there aren't people out there who want 2009 or earlier commons/minor stars of their favorite teams.

Jim, for instance, has dibs on all the Phillies. They get added each year to The Phillies Room. I need people for the other couple dozen teams out there.

Are you one of them?

What kinds of cards are these? Like I said, mostly 2009. Although, I have some leftover from 2008 and earlier. And, when I buy one of those annoying repacks that give me 1988 Fleer, those are in there too. Like I said, the stars have been removed. But, only the stars I can sell. Which means that there are still all-stars, and even Hall of Famers, possible. (People like Craig Biggio come to mind.) Obviously there are inserts and parallels of non-stars. That sort of thing.

If those types of cards interest you, let me know in the comments which team might be to your liking. Different teams, as you can see, have different numbers of cards available.

Is my (almost) trash your treasure?


  1. Dude, don't EVER throw good cards away!

    I don't collect by team, so I'd be more interested in any set singles from like 2007 Topps Red Backs, etc.

    If you don't move all the teams, post again as to at least the biggest piles of certain products you have left. There are outlets for bulk stuff one way or another.

  2. I’ll lay claim to the Astros pile. Anything I can’t use will be going into team bags that I’m giving to kids at the ballpark when I go to games this year - so if you have older Astros you can send those too.

  3. I would be interested in Milwaukee Brewers.

  4. I'm missing quite a few Royals cards from 2009 if nobody else has laid claim to them (not sure if they did via twitter or something).

  5. I’ll never say no to getting Mets cards!

  6. Please as someone else said NEVER throw cards away, they can be recycled. I'm a Nats guy

  7. Yet another example of how generous the trading card community is. I don't really collect modern cards, but if I did I'd definitely be in on this.


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