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BreeOnna Springer Visits Section 36!

Section 36 has a new visitor! BreeOnna Springer is a dancer, a Pirates fan, and the current Miss Flights of Freedom. I was so
Photo by Archie Carpenter
that she was willing to visit with us to discuss those topics, and a few more.

So let's see what happens when BreeOnna Springer visits Section 36!

How did you celebrate winning the Miss Flights of Freedom crown?
I competed for Miss Flights of Freedom in Willow Grove, PA which is four hours away from my home. However, I have the best support system out there because my parents, sister, and grandparents made the trip across the state to watch me compete. This was the first local of the year for me and I did not expect to win, but when my name was announced, I was beyond surprised! Following the pageant my family and I went out to eat at one of our favorite places on the eastern side of the state, Shady Maple. We had the chance to talk and celebrate together. Winning isn’t all about me, but the people who supported me and helped prepare me to win. I would not want to celebrate without each and every one of them.

What has been the most surprising thing about your time as Miss Flights of Freedom?
After competing in the Miss America Organization since the age of 13, I have learned a lot about myself and the organization. There has been a lot of growth and self-discovery throughout my years. This year however, I have truly found who I am as a young woman, my voice, and my impact as a titleholder. I am so excited and proud of the connections I have made and the progress that my personal project has made. I have met with Representative Reese and partnered with Westmoreland County Community Action to develop a backpack program. This backpack program, Give Back with a Backpack, will launch this summer with their assistance! The local title is not all about the pretty dresses, modeling, and being an inspiration to young girls, but I like to use my title to gain leverage to make a difference in my community and state.

What did you learn about yourself at the Miss Flights of Freedom competition that will help you at Miss Pennsylvania?
I learned that I am ready and capable to win the title. Self-doubt tends to creep in, but after this pageant my confidence only grew. My biggest takeaway, other than getting prepared in a small corner of a hotel room with several other girls is, to be confident in who I am.

How did you select your social impact statement “Have a Heart, Lend a Hand”?
A quote I live by and use to inspire others is one by Mother Teresa, “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then just feed one.” Helping those in need has always been a passion of mine far before competing in the Miss America Organization. I founded my project, “Have a Heart, Lend a Hand” at the age of 12. It started as delivering food boxes at Thanksgiving time to Christmas gifts and decorations, clothing rooms in schools, partnering with utility companies to pay bills, and a branch of a back-pack program. This year, I will be hosting Give Back with a Backpack, in partnership with Westmoreland County Community Action and Representative Reese to give 100+ children in Westmoreland County back-packs full of snacks and school supplies. I would love to one day live in a world where everyone has a heart, and lends a hand.

As a talented dancer, what is your favorite part about performing on stage?
Photo by Holly Mead
Dance is not only my talent but is my passion and profession. I recently graduated from Point Park University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance with a minor in Musical Theater. Performing is a feeling like no other! When the lights rise and the music starts something ignites within me that makes performing so exhilarating. Being able to tell the story of the choreography, the musician, myself, and for others is something I live to do. For my talent, I will be performing a contemporary jazz dance to “Rise Up” by Andra Day. This song alone gives me chills and the lyrics describe myself personally and my social impact initiative. “I’ll rise up, and I’ll do it a thousand times again.”

If you could be any Disney character for a week, who would you choose?
It is so difficult to choose just one Disney character! One of my all-time favorite Disney shows and movies is Winnie the Pooh. I would have to be Winnie the Pooh for a week and for several different reasons. Winnie is bubbly, kind, and has many similarities to me. We both love sweets, are social butterflies.

As a Pirates fan, which current Red Sox player would you most to like see play for Pittsburgh? Why?
Chris Sale would be a wonderful feature to our team! He is a left-handed pitcher and dominates! Chris throes hard and hitters have trouble hitting off of his pitches. We currently are lacking healthy pitchers and would be great to have such a healthy and talented pitcher to help us win. Not

Is there a feature or aspect of Fenway Park that you’d like to experience?
I actually visited Boston Conservatory several years ago on a college visit. I absolutely loved the city of Boston and the school was on the street facing Fenway Park. Many people tend to be surprised to find out that I am such a big sports fan because I’m a dancer. I would love to be in an iconic and historic ball park and experience the Green Monster!

What are the chances of a Red Sox vs Pirates World Series rematch?

I would love to see the Pirates in the World Series again! Honestly, it does not matter who it is against. We have not been a fierce competitor in the past few years. They just need to get on board with being a part of the city of Champions.


Gotta respect her trying to reclaim the title "city of Champions" for Pittsburgh!

As always, I want to thank to BreeOnna for doing this interview. It was fun to have another visit from a Pennsylvania titleholder. I also want to thank her for sending along the pictures to include with the interview.

As BreeOnna continues her time as Miss Flights of Freedom, I encourage you to follow her on her official Miss Flights of Freedom Facebook page. It's a great way to stay up to date an everything she does during her year.

Of course, I also want to wish BreeOnna luck when she competes for the Miss Pennsylvania crown! Would love to have a former Section 36 visitor hold that title!

Thanks again BreeOnna, and good luck!

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