Friday, February 8, 2019

Allie Curtis Visits Section 36!

Photo by Jason Michalski Phtography
Section 36 has another visitor! Allie Curtis is a public speaker, a Red Sox fan, and the current Miss Rhode Island Earth! I'm so glad she was willing to visit with us to discuss those topics, and a few more. She is the first Miss Earth state titleholder to visit with us, and I couldn't be more excited. I'm sure you'll love reading what she had to say!

So, let’s see what happens when Allie Curtis visits Section 36!

What made you decide to compete for the Elite Miss Earth USA crown?
It’s no surprise - I love competing. I know I am getting to the end of my competition days, so I figured I would get one (or maybe two) last pageants in! I have admired the Miss Earth USA program and I value their emphasis on environmental advocacy. It was a natural fit. Even better, I get to compete alongside one of my best friends, Lorna Rose, who is representing the Northeast!

You previously served as Miss Rhode Island 2015. What is your favorite memory from that year?
Photo by
K. Garcia Productions
It is difficult to pinpoint just one memory from my time as Miss Rhode Island - so many components of that year were pivotal in setting me up for where I am today. If I had to pick, these are my two favorite highlights - I spent my Valentine’s Day at Camp Hoffman, a Girl Scout campsite, with local Girl Scouts. They were so engaged and excited to have me there, I had the time of my life hanging out with them and it was an honor to speak with them. I also was honored at Running Start’s Young Women to Watch Awards. I met Madeleine Albright, and saw Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard speak. It was remarkable to share the stage with influential women who have all inspired me in different capacities.

As a competitor in multiple pageants over the years, what have you learned about yourself from competing?
I love the community and opportunities pageants have given me, so I have really enjoyed being involved in a handful of different
Photo by
K. Garcia Productions
pageant organizations. I continue to gain new experiences and growth from competing which is largely why I have stayed involved as a competitor. Pageants have supported me in my advocacy outreach, but also have been critical to supporting me in my education and career.

You make frequent appearances on the public speaking tour. What topics do you most like speaking about? Why?
To date, I have given two TEDxTalks: “Leading Ladies: Why Representation Matters” and “Daring Daily: The Power of Practicing Courage” - these are my two favorite topics to speak about. Speaking women’s leadership has always been important to
Photo by
K. Garcia Productions
me - it is critical that we show girls they are capable of and needed to be in spaces where they have been historically underrepresented. Moreover, for many years, my favorite quote has been “Do one thing each day that scares you” by Eleanor Roosevelt. I encourage others to live by these words as we pursue our deepest goals and live to our fullest potential by recognizing our own fear, and channeling it into positive energy.

Last year, you enlisted in the Rhode Island National Guard. What led to that decision?
I have always deeply valued service. I started thinking about
joining during my senior year of college and after I spent a semester in D.C., I realized one of the single most fulfilling ways I could satisfy my call to service would be joining the guard.  I am coming up on the two year anniversary of my enlistment, and I can truly say it has been the most challenging and rewarding two years of my life. I now serve in the guard full time, and I am thankful for the opportunities and experiences I have had thus far. I look forward to the future of my Army career, and to those who think it may be for them, I say “GO FOR IT!”

What is your personal fitness routine?
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K. Garcia Promotions
In the past year, running has become a major part of my fitness routine. I never would have expected that I would take to the sport of running as I have, but I am completely in love with it. I am getting ready to run my first half marathon in March and I am very excited! Needless to say, my fitness routine has been heavily centered on building my endurance and preparing for longer and faster runs!

As Miss Rhode Island, you got to throw out the first pitch at a Pawtucket Red Sox game. What was that experience like?
I was so nervous! I had always wanted to throw out a first pitch (still have the dream of doing it at an MLB game one day!) Definitely wasn’t my most graceful moment as Miss Rhode Island, but it was awesome. I was able to enjoy a nice evening at McCoy with my friends and family, definitely a classic Rhode Island memory from the PawSox I will always cherish. They will be missed!

Who is your favorite current Red Sox player? Why?
Photo by
Daniel Gagnon Photography
Definitely Dustin Pedroia - I love that he and his wife have taken great initiative with “Pedroia’s Platoon” to support veterans and military families

If you had an extra ticket to watch the Red Sox in Fenway, who would you bring?
I would bring my dad! Some of my favorite memories from my childhood were my dad taking me to see the San Francisco Giants and the Oakland A’s. We have yet to get to a game at Fenway together, so that would be special!


That sounds like a wonderful time!

As always, I want to give huge thanks to Allie for doing this interview, and for letting me use all the great pictures along with it (Special thanks to K. Garcia Productions). I also want to wish her the best of luck as she competes for the Miss Earth crown. It would be amazing to have a former visitor take home that crown.

As Allie continues her time as Miss Rhode Island Earth
, I suggest you check out her official Miss Rhode Island Earth Facebook page and Instagram account. It’ll be well worth your time! You should also follow Allie on her personal Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram. That way you won't miss a thing!

Thanks again Allie, and good luck!

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