Friday, December 8, 2017

Katie Elliott Visits Section 36!

Section 36 has another visitor! Katie Elliott is an incredible singer, a Red Sox fan, and the current Miss Maine. I took much longer than I should have to see if she'd like to visit with us to discuss those topics, and a few more. Luckily she agreed. I hope you’ll be glad she did.

So, let’s see what happens when Katie Elliott visits Section 36!

How did you celebrate being crowned Miss Maine?
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Susan Costa Photography
After winning Miss Maine, I celebrated with a cheeseburger and sweet potato french fries from Red Robin! I also visited my camp about a week later and enjoyed some time at the lake before the craziness that is Miss America prep began. 

What has surprised you the most about your time as Miss Maine?
I've been surprised by the amount of people who think that being Miss Maine means I won a "beauty pageant." There are still so many stereotypes about pageantry in general, but once I explain that I have earned over $10,000 in scholarships to pay off my student debt and serve as the state ambassador to the Children's Miracle Network people seem pleasantly surprised. The Miss America Organization empowers young women all over the country and I love sharing what the four points of the crown stand for (service, scholarship, style, success) and educating people about the benefits of competing. 

What did you learn about yourself at the Miss America competition?
Competing at Miss America was one of the best experiences of my
life. I will never forget my two weeks in Atlantic City and the amazing friendships I made with women across the country. However, I learned the most about myself during the preparation process. So much goes into getting ready for an endeavor like Miss America and there were days filled with coaching, traveling, and appearances. Sometimes I wondered how I could possibly get it all done and still feel prepared. Once the end of August rolled around I was ready and excited to leave. I learned that I really can accomplish my goals no matter how scary or overwhelming it may seem at first. The best thing to do is make a plan and follow it. The only person stopping you from achieving your goals is you. 

How did you choose your platform, “F.L.A.G. — Female Leadership in American Government”?
Growing up I have always been interested in government and different political systems around the world. Civic engagement is incredibly important because government affects nearly everything in our lives ranging from the roads we drive on to the restaurants we eat at. Not only do we have an incredibly low voter turnout but our governments do not represent all populations accurately. There is a huge disparity between the amount of men and women serving at the local, state, and federal level when women make up over half of the US population. The State of Maine is slightly ahead with women making up roughly 35% of the State Legislature. However, only 19% of Congress is comprised of women. These statistics will not change unless we have more women becoming more civically educated, voting during elections, and running for office. Little girls need role models so they will consider politics to be a viable career path. My mission with my platform is to encourage more women to enter the political process and stress the importance of political participation.I am also hoping to influence the civics curriculum in our schools. There are very few requirements outlined by the state government for a civics course outside of the fact that public schools need to offer one. Having civics be taught during students senior year of high school will hopefully improve the voter turnout of young adults. We are fortunate to live in a democracy and together we can improve our statistics. 

As a talented singer, is there a venue where you’d especially like to sing?
I have always wanted to sing the National Anthem at a Red Sox Game. This was actually what I wrote as my fun fact for my Miss America paperwork! In the program book you'll see it on the Miss Maine page under "Secret Wish or Dream." Think you can help me out Section 36?? 

Is there a goal you’d like to accomplish before your time as Miss Maine ends?
I am hoping to attend as many events in as many different towns as
possible. Maine is a huge, and while I live outside of Portland which is in the southern part of the state, I would love to make it to the Presque Isle or Caribou area. 

If you can’t be in Section 36, where do you (or would you) like to sit to watch the Red Sox?
I'd love to sit in the green monster! The view must be amazing because you can see everything. Plus it would be awesome to catch a home run and my chances seem pretty decent there. 

Who was your favorite Red Sox player growing up? Why?
I'm sure this is a very common answer, but I have always admired David Ortiz. Not only is he an amazing player, but he serves as a great role model for young people. When he speaks people listen and you can tell he is a genuinely good person. 

What was your favorite memory from the 2017 Red Sox season?
This isn't a memory from the 2017 season, but a Red Sox memory I will always have was in 2013 during my freshman year at Wheaton College. This was the year the Red Sox won the World Series, and I remember there were roughly 40 of us packed in the common room of my dorm watching the game on a small flat screen. Once they won students were running around campus cheering and a few even jumped in Peacock Pond. This was such a fun and happy memory that now 4 years later I remember it perfectly! My friends and I even took the train into Boston to watch the parade and enjoy a day in the city. 


That definitely sounds like a perfect memory. And, how about it. Think we can help her sing the anthem at Fenway Park someday?

As always, I want to give a huge thank you to Katie for taking the time to visit with us. It's always a pleasure to discuss things people are so passionate about. Another big thank you to her for providing the wonderful pictures to go along with the interview. They definitely made the post much better.

As Katie finishes her term as Miss Maine, be sure to keep track of her on all the official Miss Maine social media accounts: TwitterInstagramFacebook, and even Snapchat

Thanks again for the visit Katie!

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