Monday, March 4, 2019

I Scored! July 28, 2002

It's been a while since I did one of these. So, I thought it was time to take another trip in the wayback machine, and see how my scorecard looks for a game from the past. In this case, July of 2002. Things were different in Boston sports around this time. The patriots had shocked the world just over four months earlier by winning their first Super Bowl. The rest of the Boston teams were working on pretty lengthy championship droughts. So, how did this game between the Red Sox and Orioles end up? Let's see!

Seriously, how did I survive with a scorecard that has 16 batting positions, but only nine innings and four pitchers spots? No wonder I made my own.

But, how did the Sox do it this game? Pretty well it appears. You can just see all the black on their card. Derek Lowe starting things off strong for the Sox. While Time Wakefield struggled a bit, it didn't affect the outcome.

The star of the game? I waffled a bit, but I think it has to be Nomar. 3-3, 2R, and 1 RBI would probably be enough. But, look at the timing of his production. First inning, he drives in the game's second run from the three-hole. Third inning, following a double play, he doubles to start a five run rally with two outs. Fifth inning, he leads off with a single, sparking a three-run inning. Three key at-bats.

The goat? I have to go with Carlos Baerga, if only so that I can remind people that Carlos Baerga once played for the Sox. But, he was the only starter without a hit or run. And, once he was replaced, his pinch-hitter clubbed a two-run home run. That's not what you want.

But, it didn't matter. The offense came early and often, giving the stars a nice restful day.

And the scorecard shows how it happened.

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