Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Having Heritage Hangover?

What can I say. My Target seems to be incredibly pokey when it comes to bringing out the new stock. It took forever to bring out the 2019 Topps flagship. And, of course, it's been fully stocked since then. Likewise, it was in no hurry to put 2019 Heritage on the shelves. But, I was finally able to grab a blaster today. Does anyone still care what I got in the packs? Either way, here we go!

The first Red Sox in the box has to share his card with two Astros. How is that fair? 

The first solo Red Sox card is this beauty of EdRo posing in front of his hedge. I'm expecting big things from EdRo this year, so it's nice to see the look of determination on his face.

Of course, we all know what the backs look like. We've been looking at them since 1970. But, since the Sale card listed the other league leaders on the back, this is the first Red Sox back in the box. The cartoon is nice. Although, winning the pitcher of the year for the Red Sox in 2015 isn't exactly the same as winning the Cy Young. Wonder who finished second.

For obvious reasons, I was excited about the World Series subset in this year's set. Naturally, the only card I pulled celebrates the only World Series game the Red Sox lost.

The last pack was apparently a Red Sox hot pack. First came these two cards of two more Sox players posing in front of the hedge. Wonder if we'll see Pedroia at 2nd base much for the Sox this year.

The pack also included these two cards, bringing the total to four Red Sox cards in the last pack. If I was excited about the World Series subset, I didn't actually know this subset existed. A set celebrating the ALCS championship is definitely OK in my book. 

Other then the Red Sox, this was the best card out of the box. Of course, with the 36,000 different variations in Heritage, it took me a while to figure out this was in here. With Harper's monster contract in Philadelphia, this card will soon find a home in The Phillies Room. No idea if Jim can speak french. 

So, that was my box.

Is it better than yours?


  1. I just bought the Bosox master team set. Picked up inserts as well.


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