Thursday, March 14, 2019

Hall of Fame Match-Ups (Updated)

Last year at about this time, I had another of my many wonderments. After noticing that when I saw Jim Thome face Pedro Martinez I was seeing future Hall of Famers face each other, I wondered how often I had seen that happen. As it turned out, that had happened nine times. When I finally got around to admitting that people had been elected to the Hall this year, I wondered if those numbers had changed. As it turns out, I was able to add two more games where I saw future Hall of Famers face off. Naturally, both included Pedro Martinez and the newly elected Edgar Martinez. When you add those numbers into my totals, the hitters end up doing a little bit better. Somehow, Edgar managed to get two hits off of eight at-bats. And, yeah, that brought the numbers UP. See for yourself.

Yup. Those were the only two hits I saw a future Hall of Famer get off another future Hall of Famer. If you eliminate Eckersley walking Junior, all of those were Pedro dominating the best hitters in the game. Look at those insane projections of a 660-AB season. 43 hits. A .212 OPS. That's just unfair!

I guess that's why Pedro is the best there ever was.

Did you see any Hall of Fame match-ups?

How did the hitters do?

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