Monday, March 25, 2019

Sale-ing For Years!

When I wondered to myself last week whether John Henry was allowed to make money, I didn't realize my wonderments would be put to the test so soon. As you all know, the Red Sox announced this weekend they have signed Chris Sale to a five-year extension (or a new 6-year contract depending on how it was officially reported). The five-year deal could pay him $145 Million. 

Immediately, I had 36 conflicting thoughts.

While Sale is obviously the best pitcher on the team, he was the one I was least eager to sign long-term. Like many of us, his size and perceived susceptibility to injury made me wonder if a long term contract would be a wise investment. Probably not Pedroia-level of stupidity, but risky nonetheless. So, my first thought was that 5 years was kinda long. Plus, when you add it on to David Price's deal, the thought of paying them both $30+ millions in three years at their age was scary. I actually thought Porcello was the wiser investment at the years/salary he was likely to command.

But, then the terms of the deal itself weren't as nasty. Some people were thinking he'd sign a Greinke-esque $200 million deal in free agency. Plus, Greinke was a couple years older than Sale when he signed his deal. So, from that angle, the Sox made a wise investment and got an ace for less than they might have needed to spend. 

But then I catch myself again. 

Who cares? Spend the damn money.

The Sox just signed the best pitcher they could. It makes their chances of winning a World Series the next couple years much better. And, if you assume Mookie is gone after 2020, the idea of having the best possible team around him the next two years is very important. The hidden flaw in not overpaying a player, is that you don't get the player. Yes, the Angels will probably regret the last couple years of the Trout contract. But, they'll have Mike friggin Trout for the next three years, and nobody else will.

And that's what it comes down to. Next year, the Sox will trot out baseball's best rotation. It 2020, they're guaranteed to have 4/5 of that rotation still there. I'm not sure there's anything else I should worry about as far as that's concerned.

Especially when they're hoisting another banner.

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