Tuesday, March 28, 2023

It's Time To Explore My Fantasy

Baseball team. That’s right. It’s time for your least favorite post of the year. The one where I discuss the fantasy team I drafted for this year! I know. The only thing worse than tweeting about fantasy teams is blogging about them. But, what better way to celebrate the start of the season? Plus, I apparently didn't do this last year, so I gave you a break.

Just as a quick reminder, this is a nine team 5x5 league, with 30 roster spots. So, it's a big league. You have three keepers, and they take the place of your draft pick in whatever round you originally drafted the player. (I love that detail.) I had the seventh pick in a wraparound draft. Got that?

So, who did I get?

C - S. Perez KC
1B - T. Casas BOS
2B - J. Chisholm Jr MIA
3B - R. Devers BOS
SS - B. Bichette TOR
CI - E. Suarez SEA
MI - X. Bogaerts SD
OF - M. Trout LAA
OF - A. Verdugo BOS
OF - J. Meneses WSH
OF - A. Rosario CLE
U - J. Turner BOS
U - R. McMahon
U - C. Belinger CHC
B - A. McCutchen PIT
B - C. Arroyo BOS
B - R. McGuire BOS

SP - M. Fried ATL
SP - Z. Gallen ARI
SP - L. Webb SF
RP - J. Hader SD
RP - J. Duran MIN
P - D. Rasmussen TB
P - S. Alcantara MIA
P - R. Rodriguez PIT
P - S. Alcantara MIA
B - A. Munoz SEA
B - J. Ryan MIN
B - M. Mikolas STL
B - A. Minter ATL
B - B. Bello BOS
B - T. Houck BOS

My three keepers were Rafael Devers (round ten), Sandy Alcantara (round fifteen) and Amed Rosario (round twenty-five). I love using the 133rd pick on the reigning Cy Young Award winner. I grabbed Bichette in the first round. (If you care, Turner was taken #1)

From there, I was able to grab plenty of Red Sox players. I'm always actually surprised with how many I end up with. Obviously, Devers is a legit pick that you don't need to be a Sox fan to grab. Especially with the 84th pick. I was annoyed with my Verdugo 13th round pick. Not that I took him too early, but that Yoshida was available. He must have been ranked really low because he wasn't on the radar, and I frankly forgot to grab him. He was gone before I could. Casas seemed like a good guy to take a chance on in the fourteenth round. If he's the stud he's supposed to be, there's keeper potential there.Turner was the only other Sox I have as a starter, in the utility position. Hopefully he finds some at-bats. I like filling my bench with Sox players. If I'm going to have some lower end roster spots, I figure I'll know more about the playing schedule if they're Sox players. So McGuire and Arroyo were late late round picks to fill out the Roster. I figured Belo and Houck were good late round picks. Who knows? They might turn into steals keepers next year. Hernandez was super late, and I love having someone available at so many positions on my bench.

So, while I know you probably need to see the rest of my league to decide how my team will do, I welcome any comments on any of my selections. 

Think I got any good ones?


  1. Solid team! Arroyo is one of my sleeper picks - In the Yahoo Leagues I play in, he's eligible at every position except C and P. For a guy with a starting job he's a great fantasy Bench guy!

    1. I was actually surprised he wasn't ranked higher because of the versatility. I guy who is solid, plays every day, and can be plugged in anywhere is a pretty valuable player.


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