Monday, May 29, 2023

2022 Topps Stadium Club Blaster!

Time for another box of Stadium Club! Such a beautiful set that is always fun to open. I can appreciate a set that simply lets the photos do the talking. No need for fancy obtrusive graphics. Simply a picture, with the important details hidden away. Very well done. 

How did this box go?

Let's find out!

Even the box lets the photo really shine. 

Same with the packs, and that really annoying "Master Photo" thingie. Did Topps take a poll and figure out what size to make the card to ensure it wouldn't fit anywhere in anything to make storage impossible? Or, were they just lucky that way?

Now, that's a photo. Definitely not the sort of thing you see in flagship.

Another great shot. Is the best part the look on Xander's face? Is it the sheer excitement you can see in Devers...even from behind? Or, is it Section 36 making a cameo in the upper right corner? I'll let you decide.

Duran may have struggled as a rookie, but he apparently hit at least one home run, and got a ride in the cart. Have teams been instructed to do these dugout celebrations? These days every team seems to celebrate with a cart or a hat or a jacket or whatever, and parades down the dugout with a perfectly placed camera. Seems like a directive from the MLB PR department.

But, there you go. A couple former Sox, and one who will hopefully star for years to come. Not a bad mix.

How have your boxes gone?

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