Tuesday, August 2, 2022

2022 Topps Heritage Blaster!

I know, I just opened one of these. But, it's what they had at Target. Actually, they had a lot. Still do. Is this brand not very popular anymore? It's still a fun, clean, classic design. So, let's give it another whirl.

How'd it go? Let's find out! 

Here's the box, with a few key players on the outside.

And the packs. With more, different players on them. Glad to see them spread the wealth as opposed to featuring the same guy over and over.

And here's Mr. Pivetta. He was basically the Sox ace for a while there...but has fallen off as of late. But, I like this card. The green wall behind him work to frame the action well. It also has a "1973" feel to it for some reason.

And there you go. Those were all the Red Sox in the box. Well, not even "those". Just one lonely Nick Pivetta.

That's not so good.

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