Saturday, February 5, 2022

Go Red! 2012 Topps Heritage Target Red Carl Crawford

February is American Heart Month. As a nod to the Go Red for Women activities going on this month to help raise awareness, I thought I'd contribute several "red" themed posts sprinkled throughout the month. Here's the first one.

Let's talk about this card...

Yup. We all remember this guy. I have yet to decide what actually went wrong with Crawford. Was it just the injuries dragging him to the point he couldn't recover? Was it being unable mentally to handle the pressures of the contract? Was it all of those? Whatever the reason, what looked like a slam dunk signing was completely the opposite. Most people were thrilled to ship Crawford off to LA to hit a reset button.

The card itself isn't much better that Crawford's performance. While I know it probably follows the "heritage" theme, the picture is uninspiring at best. And, oddly, all that red doesn't really work for me. Especially with the blue background on the smaller inset photo. All in all, nothing to get excited about with this card at all.


If you are able, I highly recommend you support the American Heart Association's efforts with a donation. You can find the link here.

Support the efforts to Go Red for Women!


  1. Felt like Crawford was a perennial all-star when he was in Tampa. Haven't given much though to him the past five years, but I did hear a story that said he opened his own record label or something.

  2. Crawford tortured the Red Sox while he was in Tampa Bay, so I was genuinely excited to see what he could do for the Red Sox. It was just weird to see him decline in literally every aspect of the game he had excelled at.


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