Thursday, August 5, 2021

2021 Topps Heritage Blaster!

Doesn't look like I've opened one of these on here yet...or I'm just forgetful. Once again, not quite sure where this box came most likely. But, let's see what was inside!

Here we go!

The box.

The packs.

The oddities. Important question...does this card count as a Willie Mays card when I'm making up player lots?

I enjoy the love/hate design of the 1972s. It's a fun callback to a different time.

Even the "In Action" cards. And, even when it's of Betts.

OK. These are weird.

Of curse, the disco lettering work much better on a short team name than it does on a long one. Can we get the Diamondbacks to officially change their name so card designs can be a little cleaner moving forward?

Red Sox closer Matt Barnes, and the Red Sox hedge.

Future Red Sox ace Tanner Houck. A nice pull.

And this special insert of Roberto Clemente. Not a fan of the design, but a worthy set.

Nothing all that exciting in this box. But, always fun to open packs.

How did your box go?

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