Tuesday, December 6, 2022

2022 Topps Update Blaster!

Let's try this again and open some 2022 Topps Update! As akways, it's a fun box to open. Full of rookies, all-star, and other specialty cards. Not much more you can ask for. How did it go?

Let's find out...

Apparently this is a great set for Mets fans.

Lots and lots of Mets.

Great insert of Ted here. I always love Topps using their classic designs as inserts.

As opposed to whatever this thins is. What exactly are the qualifications for being one of the "Stars of MLB"? And why is he on fire?

Nice card of Story here. Nice and tightly cropped to really feel the action.

Duran seems to be enjoying the weather in this pic. Maybe someone just told him he was a Star of MLB.

Refsnyder ready for action. He's apparently not yet a Star of MLB.

Devers is though. Definitely deserves a flex now and again.

And there you have it. A nice selection of Red Sox in this one, which is always fun. Including one of the true Stars of MLB. Lots of fun to open.

How did your blaster go?

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