Thursday, December 8, 2022

2022 Topps Fire Blaster

Let's try some 2022 Topps Fire. Going back to normal with just a blaster this time. Sort of annoying price point for the blasters when the boxes come with guaranteed autos. Much better deal. But, the blasters are still fun to open. How did this one go?

Let's see!

See? This time I'm just looking for autographs, not getting them.

I'm getting lots of Ohtani though. On the wrapper of every pack.

I also have some Rafael Devers. Honestly, the design of Fire is something I feel differently about every time I see it. Sometimes it's new and different. Others, campy and cony. At the moment? I'll go with fun.

The golden ones don't really do it for me, though. All the fun and design elements get muted into this blah metallic vibe. Even the power of Ortiz can't stop it.

Ok. This hurts. But…Here's one of Bogaerts in a new design. Even when I think the design is corny, I can appreciate the variety. After pack after pack of the same Topps flagship design, I enjoy something new like this.

Back to the shattered glass look for this Dalbec. Although, like Bogaerts, he's running at the camera. Or, is he running away from that shards of glass? Who's to know?

And there you have it. Four Sox on three different designs. Not a bad haul. Even better than the box did. A nice representative sample of what to expect. 

How did your box go?

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