Thursday, December 1, 2022

2022 Topps Series 2 Blaster!

 Let's open some more cards! I've done a hanger box of these, but let's try a blaster this time. You know the deal with series two. Same design, different players.

Let's see how it went! 

The box, showing off Vlad. Still seems weird to me when the feature a single player like that. These aren't "Guerrero Cards" they're "baseball cards".

The packs. With Guerrero.

What a great shot on this Devers card. People have probably already figured out where this shot came from. But, clearly Devers is having fun after an important hit. What a face.

This is a fun shot of the team taking the field. It's an unusual angle for a Red Sox card. Lots of fun.

A cleverly titled insert of Xander here. I'll take 1000 insert sets using the 1987 Topps design before I'd want another foil monstrosity showcasing "stars" like this one.

Another fun angle with this card. Naturally, any card highlighting postseason heroics is a great card. Hard to remember sometimes that the Sox were in the ALCS just a year ago. Esprcially hard to remember if you listen to sports radio.

Great shot of Jackie Bradley Jr. Even though he finished the season north of the border, it was fun while he was here.

So, there you go. Some enjoyable cards in this box, with some interesting variety. Even if there's nothing to call my friends about.

How did your box go?

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