Tuesday, November 29, 2022

2022 Topps Update Blaster

Something a little different today. Let's try some 2022 Topps Update! This is always a fun box to open. Not only is it full of rookies for the most part, but Topps has done a good job filling out the set with all-star and other specialty cards. It makes it really packed with stars in addition to the rookies. Not much more you can ask for. How did it go?

Let's find out...

The box. Similar look to the others, but with that green tint.

Just like the packs.

I talked about all the rookies and stars. There are also important updates. My Red Sox team set is in a much better place now that it includes Rob Refsnyder.

And, you know, Rich Hill.

Finally one of those rookies. Hopefully Duran can figure some things out and become a useful member of the team.

OK. This is a good update...and a star. Story was hurt a lot this year, so nice to be reminded that he wore the uniform.

And there we go. Quite a few Red Sox in this one, which is always great. Nothing earth shattering. But, the Red Sox probably don't have any of those in this set. Still lots of fun to open.

How did your blaster go?

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