Monday, September 20, 2021

2021 Bowman Blaster!

Always fun to open packs of Bowman. While the design is always treated like an afterthought, there are still some fun players and cards to be had. How did this one go?

Let's get to it!

Here is the box.

And the packs. Only six packs, but an incredible twelve cards per pack!

And the first Red Sox is the surging Dalbec. When the year started, people were mentioning him in the ROY conversation. Then, his start to the season really squelched that...until he's put it all together of late. It's turned into a good year for the rookie. See what I mean about the design, though? Boxes, angles, colors, banners...the borders are a mess. Just like every other Bowman design.

Another Red Sox! Glad they included "outfielder" in JD's position since they're showing him with a glove on his hand.

This shiny retro insert of Tatis harkens back to the days when Bowman wasn't a computer graphics nightmare. A simple name banner. Weird that a brand that started with basically one graphic, if that, evolved into what it has become.

So there you have it. Several Red Sox. A nice insert. Not a bad haul from the blaster.

How did yours go?

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