Tuesday, September 28, 2021

2021 Bowman Mega Box!

As I've said, I've always enjoyed opening packs of Bowman. And, with the Mega Box, the added chrome variety makes the experience even more fun. How did this box go?

Let's see!

Here's the box. Always fun when a Red Sox player makes it to the cover. Although, it also makes me wonder if that makes it something I should be saving/collecting.

The packs, including the variety I spoke of earlier.

And BAM a Red Sox from one of the special packs. Yorke has had a great year in 2021, potentially justifying his surprise first round selection in 2020. And, perhaps, making me really glad to have this mojo card of his.

And another Red Sox! This one I knew without even having to look him up.

Here's another guy I know of well. And this one's a true rookie card. Dalbec had a lot of hype entering this season. While he's had his ups and downs, he's ended up with having a decent season. Always happy to add one of his cards.

Tanner Houck is another player anticipated to make a big impression on the Sox this year. He's been solid in his role, and at times was just what the team needed. Glad to have his card as his career launches off.

So there you have it. Several key pieces of the future of the Red Sox. Not a bad haul.

How did yours go?

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