Monday, September 27, 2021

1975 Topps Page by Page: Page 72 (640-648)

I'm sure that you all remember that I finally completed my 1975 Topps set.

Now that it's done I thought it would be fun to look through the set and talk about it. Going page by page seemed like a good way to go about it. Hopefully you find it interesting to read what I have to say.

How about we continue with page 72?

Red Sox Cards on the Page  

1. Danny Cater. There may be one on the fact, there probably is...but I'm not going to look. 

Cards that make the 1975 Topps set cool 

All-Star rookies are cool. Young Hall of Famers are cool. Or, in the case of Harmon Killebrew, Hall of Famers in their last year are cool. Especially when it's Harmon Friggin Killebrew.

My favorite card on the page 

Has to be the Killebrew. I know the 1975 Topps set probably doesn't set a record or anything, but I've said that one of the things that attracted me to the set what the passing of the torch aspect. You had cards of players like Killebrew who was playing baseball in 1954, and cards of players like George Brett who was still playing in 1993. That's almost 40 years of coverage in the set. (Has Night Owl ever determined which set covered the longest timespan?) So being able to have a Killebrew is a great bonus for this page.

What would your answers to those last two categories be?


  1. If I could pick only one card, it'd be the Killebrew. But I think the best looking card is the crouching Fahey.

  2. By the way... I hope Night Owl (or anyone) takes on your question on which set covers the longest timespan. 1993 would be interesting. That was Nolan Ryan's final season (started in 1966)... but it also contains Jeter's rookie card (although he didn't start playing until 1995) and he played until 2014. That's a span of 48 years.

    1. That's a good stretch! I'm sure there's a methodical way to figure it out. But, haven't done that.

  3. I wouldn't count Jeter-Ryan because they were issuing cards of Jeter before his MLB career started.

    How about this one: Tommy John's first card was in 1964. His last was in 1989. Jamie Moyer also appeared in 1989 cards. His last cards were in 2012. So, 1964 to 2012 is 48 years.

    My friend and I thought the Claudell Washington was the coolest on this page. But seeing Killebrew signing gets me now.

  4. The Killer is an easy choice here.


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