Monday, December 2, 2019

Section 36 Photography Month: K. Garcia Productions

We're trying something a little different here at Section 36. This month, we're going to celebrate "Photography"! What does that mean? That means that every Monday during the month I will post something having to do with photography. Sound like fun? I hope so. Let's start it off by talking about a photographer who has contributed so very much to the success of Section 36.

Kelsey, of K. Garcia Productions.

Kelsey has been amazing about contributing photographs to help improve posts all across the suite of Section 36 blogs. For this blog, she's taken photographs of visitors that were included in interviews. She's also taken pictures of people wearing Section 36 gear to help show people how amazing it looks. Of course, the pictures on this blog are really a small sample of the amazing work done by  K. Garcia Productions. She's great at taking pageant photos,   weddings and engagementsportraitsfashion shots, and even shots for your business. 

As a way to remind you just how much she has done, I thought it would be fun to see some of the pictures taken by K. Garcia Productions that have really improved Section 36. Starting with one of my favorites.

This picture was taken during a photo shoot K. Garcia Productions had with Bridget Oei. You probably remember Bridget from her visit with Section 36, and the fact that she finished first runner up to Miss America 2019. Bridget has this Section 36 sweatshirt and she and Kelsey surprised me by including the outfit in the shoot. It's just absolute perfection.

As I mentioned, K. Garcia Productions photos have also been featured in interviews here on Section 36. The first one was this shot.

This amazing picture was included with my interview with Alexis Ferreira. Alexis has done a lot of work with K. Garcia Productions, and I'm glad I was able to feature this beauty.

Another example?

This gorgeous photo graced my interview with Allie Curtis. It's a wonderful example of using an on-location photo shoot to get a fantastic head shot. 

That same interview also included this shot...

I mean, pictures don't get much more fun (or better) than that!

Another great example is this one from another interview.

This shot was one of the highlights of my interview post with Jackie O'Keefe. It's part of a whole Patriots themed shoot K. Garcia Productions did with several titleholders, and shows the kind of fun you can have in the studio. Kelsey did a similar Bruins themed shoot as well. I wonder when she will turn to a Red Sox theme?

Finally, here are two photos that I'm almost positive Kelsey didn't take. But, they are wonderful examples of how she has made this blog a better place.

That's right. When Kelsey herself was at Fenway, she remembered to take a picture with Section 36 behind her. That's always appreciated.

On a recent vacation trip to Hawaii, Kelsey wore her very own Section 36 shirt while out sightseeing. Several pictures of her wearing the shirt is this exotic location have (or will have) graced the world of Section 36. They're all very appreciated.

As you can see, K. Garcia Productions has played a big part in making Section 36 a lot more attractive. You'll find that's the case with the other blogs in the suite, as well as all the social media accounts associated with them. For the Pageants blog, she's provided countless photos of visitors that have been posted on their profile pages or elsewhere. She was also nice enough to visit with Section 36 Pageants, in an interview posted on that blog. (In fact, to help emphasize how much she has meant to the Pageants blog, Section 36 Pageants will be celebrating "K. Garcia Productions Week" this week.) I encourage you to check them all out.

And don't forget K. Garcia Productions the next time you need a photographer!

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