Monday, December 9, 2019

Section 36 Photography Month: Section 36 Pics

We're trying something a little different here at Section 36. This month, we're going to celebrate "Photography"! What does that mean? That means that every Monday during the month I will post something having to do with photography. Sound like fun? I hope so. Today I want to talk about some of my favorite pictures, the ones readers have submitted.

Section 36 Pics

I'm always flattered when readers send in pictures for me to share on the blog and Section 36 social media. Especially the ones that take a little extra effort to take. So, I'm so excited to see the collections of pictures in each of the categories grow and grow.

As you hopefully know, people have been submitting pictures of themselves that fall into four different categories. Don't remember what they are? Here's a rundown.

Pictures With Section 36. These are the easiest, if you happen to be at Fenway...or any park that has a Section 36. Wherever you are, take a picture of yourself with Section 36 behind you. It's fun to see all the different ways people have been able to accomplish this.

Pictures In Section 36. This is that next step more difficult. For these you need to actually get to Section 36 and take your picture there. 

"I'd Rather Be in Section 36" pics. If you're not at a game, this is the easiest. Make a sign that says "I'd Rather be in Section 36". That can be a pencil and paper, written in sand at the beach, with chalk on a driveway, however you can do it. Then, just take your picture holding the sign, or posing with it somehow.

Pics with 36 Gear. These, obviously, require you to have Section 36 gear. But, once you do the possibilities are endless. You can snap off a dozen selfies in one sitting, or take pictures wherever you happen to be when you're with your gear. These are usually a lot of fun.

You actually got to see a couple of these pictures in last week's post about K. Garcia Productions. But, here's a good chance to check out a few more of my favorites. Other than Kelsey, there have been a few other people who have contributed several pictures to several categories. Let's see what some of them had to share!

Submitted by Lily the Ferret
Lily the Ferret has done an amazing job of submitting pictures with her friends and Section 36 gear. I thought with Miss Universe being held this weekend it made sense to lead with this sot of Lily posing with friends Olivia and Malia.

Submitted by Bryanne

Submitted by Bryanne
 Bryanne has done an amazing job of constantly sending in pics. Whether she's holding an "I'd Rather Be in Section 36" sign at the highest point in the Eastern United States, or showing her support during a race she tends to go above and beyond. She's contributed pictures to every category, and then some!

Submitted by Dione

Submitted by Dione
 Dione is another person who has submitted almost every type of picture. Pictures in Section 36, or with Section 36, or Rather being in Section 36...even when in Section 36. It's been fun to see all the pictures come in.

Submitted by Lauren

Submitted by Lauren
 In Section 36, with Section 36, Rather Be in Section 36, with Section 36 gear...Lauren does it all. He pictures are always fantastic, and I always love getting a new submission from her!

Submitted by Serena of the Traveling Baseball Babes

Submitted by Serena of the Traveling Baseball Babes

Serena is another person who has been a regular contributor. Again, any type of picture is likely to come from one of her submissions, and I love them every time.

Submitted by Bernadette

Submitted by Bernadette

Bernadette has been nice enough to think of Section 36 during her travels around the world. Whether it's writing "Rather be in Section 36" on a tropic beach, or wearing her gear in Fiji it's always flattering to know Section 36 is on her mind.

As you can see, pictures play a huge role here at Section 36. It's one of the best ways for you readers to contribute to the Section 36 experience, and it makes it a lot more fun for everyone.

I can't see what comes in next!

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