Thursday, November 15, 2012

It’s Official!

So, yesterday the Red Sox posted a picture to their Facebook page of new acquisition David Ross. The caption exclaimed, it’s "official” that Ross was the newest member of the Sox. The picture showed a beaming Ross posing in front of Dustin Pedroia’s locker as he checked out the clubhouse. Really? Were we all waiting for word that this deal was official? Were we checking our phones every fine minutes to finally get word that the deal was done? Do they not know what transaction their division rivals were waiting to become official? We’re over here trumpeting a new back-up catcher?

Don’t get me wrong. I understand the idea of posting random pictures to Facebook. A quick look at the Section 36 page shows that I do the same thing. There are pictures people have submitted posted for no logical reason other than to have something pretty to look at every day on the page. I get it. I think it would be a fine use of social media to share a picture of Ross looking around his new locker. But to have the fanfare blaring?

When are Sox going to do something worth promoting on Facebook? Soon? Other teams are making move and improving themselves. The Sox need a shortstop, but someone else just added the best one in their division. (Speaking of the big trade, I find it interesting that the Marlins are being completely slammed here. They’re a disgrace to baseball. They spit on their fans. They’re involved in a conspiracy to destroy baseball in Miami. The commissioner should void the deal. It’s interesting because they traded away one $100 million player after only one full season with the team. Last year, the Sox traded away two of them.)

It’s not even that I think the Sox should have gotten Reyes. I mean, they should have. But, dumping Gonzalez and Crawford to get Reyes would make that first trade even more foolish. I’m not swearing at them for not signing Torii Hunter either. He would have been a nice addition. But, there are several other players who would be just as good. (Please, God, not Swisher) At some point, though, the Sox are actually going to need to have a full roster of players.

Are they working on a million things behind the scenes? Of course they are. Do they have a plan? I hope so. Would I love to see them add another player who will crack their starting line-up? Yuppers. Are they working on Josh Hamilton? Hopefully. A big trade? Hopefully. Any news whatsoever? I sure hope so.

Even if it’s just to give me something to blog about.


  1. I'm thinking peoples main complaint about Miami is that this is the 4th or 5th time they've "started over" in 10 years. It's just dawned on them that baseball in Miami just isn't working and they're ticked off they just shelled out millions in tax payer money for a new stadium. I don't think much of the flack is about the actual deal itself. Mind you, I can't find an actual Marlins fan to ask, so who knows. I give it less than 5 years before that team is elsewhere.

    As for the Sox, yeah, I'm not waiting with baited breath for word on the signing of a backup catcher. Seems like a nice guy, and nothing against him, but yes we really need to pick up the pace a bit. I know Ben was quoted as saying they wouldn't make any "impulsive decisions", but they need to do something. Maybe he's waiting under after the winter meetings. Who knows. I fear we're in for a long long winter.

  2. I read that Boston was working on almost the same trade but Toronto upped the ante and Boston wasn't willing to match the amount of prospects going to Miami.

    When we traded off those stars to LA we still had a few. Pedroia and Ortiz are "fan favorites" Ellsbury is capible of putting up MVP numbers (when he is not hurt) and Lester Buchholz would both be a number one on half the teams in the league. Miami traded on the other hand traded off almost everybody on the team. THey dropped their total payroll to under 18 million with the trade.


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