Monday, November 5, 2012

Red Sox 1-36: 15 is for…

Red Sox record 15-game winning streak (4/25/46-5/10/46)

I’ve said before that streaks don’t excite me. Why do I keep posting about them then? Because they’re interesting. They’re statistical anomalies, which are fun. And, in some cases, they can be an example of greatness. This is one of those cases. The 1946 Red Sox won the second most games in team history, giving them the second best record as well. (Both titles, incidentally, are held by the amazing 1912 team.) If you’re talking about great Red Sox teams, that ’46 offering has to be in the discussion. This streak is an example of that greatness.

The streak didn’t make them great. If the 2012 Red Sox had managed to win 15 games in a row this season, it wouldn’t make them as great as the 1946 team. But, if you’re talking about the 1946 team, it’s interesting that they won so many games, they even went 15 games in a row without losing.

That’s a pretty long streak. They went just over two weeks without losing a game. That must have been a fun stretch to be a Red Sox fan. Especially coming so early in the season. Just when you’re wondering what the team will be like that year, they win 15 in a row. That led to a 21-win month of May. The mood was definitely set.

Of course, the season didn’t end that well for the Red Sox that year. The Sox lost the World Series in seven games. From there the team, anchored by the four young Teammates returning from the war, was supposed to run off a string of pennants. Obviously, that wasn’t quite the case.

But, they sure had a good run in 1946. Especially in late April and early May.

15 is for the Red Sox record 15-game winning streak. 

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