Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wantlist: 2007

2007 Topps Allen and Ginter
35 J.D. Drew
100 David Ortiz
107 Jason Varitek SP
118 Coco Crisp
126 Curt Schilling
161 Manny Ramirez
210 Daisuke Matsuzaka
294 Julio Lugo
297 Josh Beckett

2007 Bowman
46 Josh Beckett
65 Manny Ramirez
113 Kevin Youkilis
134 Curt Schilling
209 David Murphy (RC)
219 Hideki Okajima RC

2007 Bowman's Best
22 Manny Ramirez
64 Daisuke Matsuzaka RC

2007 Bowman Draft Picks
BDPP69 Clay Buchholz
BDPP105 Jacoby Ellsbury

2007 Bowman Chrome Draft Picks
BDPP105 Jacoby Ellsbury
BDPP69 Clay Buchholz

2007 Bowman Heritage
37 J.D. Drew
41 Josh Beckett
157 Jason Varitek
243a Hideki Okajima RC
243b Hideki Okajima SP
250a Daisuke Matsuzaka RC
250b Daisuke Matsuzaka SP

2007 Bowman Heritage Prospects
BHP72 Thomas Hottovy

2007 Bowman Prospects
BP16 Yahmed Yema
BP45 John Otness
BP53 Thomas Hottovy
BP69 Matt Goodson
BP93 Andrew Dobies

2007 Finest
25 Manny Ramirez
36 Josh Beckett
51 Curt Schilling
59 David Ortiz
92 Mike Lowell
94 Jason Varitek
96 Mark Loretta

2007 Topps

2007 Topps Heritage
18 Josh Beckett
130 Manny Ramirez SP
167 Brian Stokes SP (RC)
361 Jonathan Papelbon
410 Francisco Rodriguez SP

2007 Topps Opening Day
135 David Ortiz

2007 Topps Turkey Red

2007 Topps Update
89 Doug Mirabelli


  1. How exactly do you know you want these cards from these sets?

  2. I don't have them. Therefore, I want them. Fairly simple.

    I use the Teamsetforu website to find the lists, if that's what you mean. There re some mistakes and omissions...but it's a starting point.

  3. It was the latter. Obviously, I know why you want them, I was more curious on how you came about to compile this vast assortment of cards from different manufacturers. I am pretty sure, you don't go and buy sets as commonly as you once did, or packs for that matter. It's most excellent you got all that from my one sentence. Must be the genius in you.


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