Saturday, October 2, 2010

I Scored: May 12, 2007

In honor of Mike Lowell day, I searched through my stack looking for the best Mike Lowell game I ever scored. It was a tough call, but this is the one I selected.

Looking it over, I see it’s from the start of Mike’s best year with the Sox. Mike was in the #6 spot in the order as the Sox faced the Baltimore Orioles. Lowell was a big part of the offensive outburst by the Sox. He contributed two hits. He scored two runs, and drove in two others. So, the four runs he was responsible for in some way equaled the total by the Orioles. In fact, I would say that Lowell was the player of the Game for the Red Sox that day.

How about the other players on the scorecard? I see that the starting pitcher was Curt Schilling. He didn’t have a particularly good game. He was spotted a three run lead, and couldn’t hold it. I also see Hideki Okajima pitched in this game. This early in his rookie season, we had no idea that Oki would be a key member of a championship club. The same could probably be said for Dustin Pedroia. See him down there in the ninth spot? Even worse, see him being pinch-hit for by Alex Cora? Does that look like the future rookie of the year? My how times change. The spot right above Pedroia is manned by Coco Crisp. He’s doing his best to keep the centerfield position warm waiting for Jacoby Ellsbury to strip it away from him in the playoffs. Going 0 for 4 isn’t the best way to earn a job. In fact, Crisp is the “one” who brings up the rear in a blowout. Although, he was just barely worse that the ROY. Other stars helping Lowell? Manny had another good day. Ortiz was his usual self as well. Heck, even Julio Lugo had four hits.

So, it was a nice early look into the team that would finish with the best record in the league. Some of the pieces weren’t quite there yet, but they’d get there. It’s also a great look at Mike Lowell as he struts his stuff right off the bat. He’d join the Sox in having a great season.

And the scorecard shows how it happened.

I also scored two other Mike Lowell games that I’ve talked about before. Feel free to check out the October 20, 2007 game, as well as the April 8, 2008 game.

Happy Mike Lowell Day!

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