Saturday, October 2, 2010

More 2007 Topps Mike Lowells

Topps did produce a few Mike Lowell cards in 2007 that weren’t exactly like the base version. In the special set they produced for the World Championship, they included two Mike Lowell “highlights” cards. One card celebrates his selection to the 2007 All-Star team. While the picture does show Lowell in front of an NL catcher, I don’t think it was taken at the all-star game. Close though. The other card from that set stated he was the Red Sox team leader in doubles in 2006. That’s not exactly a prestigious honor, but it will do. The other card looks a lot like the regular Lowell card. You may have noticed, though, that it’s white. For the Opening Day brand of cards, Topps likes to take their base version and tweak them a bit. I’m not really sure the point. But, at least it looks different than the other three versions with the same picture. That has to count for something, right?

Happy Mike Lowell Day!

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