Thursday, October 21, 2010

Collecting the Sox: Ornaments

As we get closer to the Holiday season, things like ornaments start to enter people’s minds. And, if you’re anything like me, thinking about ornaments makes you think about Red Sox ornaments. Whether you hang them on a tree or just around your house, ornaments can be a great addition to a collection.

As with any great collectable, ornaments can fit into just about any collecting goal. There are ornaments devoted to the team itself. There are ornaments celebrating specific games or events. There are ornaments depicting particular players. Even within those groupings, there’s plenty of variety. They have ball ornaments. Figurine ornaments. Candy canes. Blown glass. The list goes on and on. Hallmark even has a series of ornaments that depicts a different baseball player every year. I can think of two or three Red Sox players included over the years. David Ortiz, Ted Williams, and Nomar Garciaparra come to mind. What more can you as for?

Ornaments are also nice because they come at most any price level. ten to fifteen dollars is probably the most you’d be looking to spend on a Red Sox ornament. Although, if you want to go crazy, there are nicely done versions out there that probably go for a little bit more. So, it would be easy to fill your tree, or wall, with ornaments without taking out a loan.

Which reminds me of another great factor about ornaments. They’re easy to store and display. A couple nails in the wall give ample places to hang an ornament. They’re small enough that putting a large collection on your wall won’t take too much room. They look nice hanging from a support beam in your house, or the edge of a bookshelf. I found myself a mini-tree that I use to hang ornaments on in a festive display. It’s a lot of fun.

So, start looking for Red Sox ornaments. You’ll be seeing them all over the place in not too long. Even better? Wait until January when you should be able to get quite a few on the cheap. It’ll be a great time to start, or add to, a Red Sox ornament collection.

How do you plan to display them?

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